Complaint Filed With California FPPC Against Elk Grove City Council Member

June 19, 2015 | The California Fair Political Practices Commission has received an anonymous filed complaint against Elk Grove City...

June 19, 2015 |

The California Fair Political Practices Commission has received an anonymous filed complaint against Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick's campaign committee.

The complaint, which was received on May 29, is an addendum to an earlier filed complaint already under investigation against the second-term council member alleging he illegally used $4,700 of his campaign funds to pay the Sacramento-based law firm Boutin Jones for his son Brian Detrick's legal fees. The addendum seeks to have an additional $21,553 in fees paid to Boutin Jones included in the investigation. 

The fees were reported on Detrick's financial disclosure Form 460 with the notation "Professional Services through the end of July 2014 that were reviewed and are included in the October FPPC stipulation 14.130." 

In that stipulation agreement, Detrick agreed to pay a $3,500 fine after it was determined that he illegally used $93,500 of his campaign funds for his personal use. Specifically, the funds were paid to Boutin Jones for a defamation lawsuit that Brian Detrick was pursuing. 

Even though the stipulation agreement lowered Detrick's fine because it stated he had repaid his committee the $93,500, it was later discovered the funds had not been repaid. The FPPC later acknowledged that it had bungled the administration and verification of Detrick's claim that he repaid his committee. 

The new complaint says "Because of Mr. Detrick's past dishonest statements before the FPPC, everything he says and does must be check, double checked and verified." 

The complaint also seeks to have Detrick's campaign treasurer and wife, Jan Detrick, investigated. The complaint says that as treasurer, mother of Brian Detrick and wife of Council Member Detrick, she directly benefited from the use of the $93,500.

To amplify its claim, the complaint also notes as treasurer and wife of the council member, Jan Detrick benefited directly from the campaign committees purchase of a trip to Sonoma County. In that case, FPPC 13-195, Detrick was fined $1,500.

According to FPPC spokesperson Jay Wieranga, it has not been determined if the addendum will be added to the newest investigation already initiated on Detrick's campaign finances.

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Anonymous said...

Elk Grove is becoming a big steaming dumpster fire of a sprawling suburb.

When I gorw up I wanna be a "stakeholder" said...

Where's the outrage from the other Council members? Didn't they pass an ethics code a few years ago? Regardless of the FPPC investigation of "legal" violations, isn't the city ethics code less legalistic and emphasizes the "appearance" of misconduct? The other Council members seem to be looking the other way.

It's time for them to go to the bookshelf, that one with all the feasibility studies and civic center designs on it, and dust off that ethics code and read it.

Anonymous said...

Now this has gone too far and has lost my support...not that anyone actually cares. There are probably 100's who could have directly benefited...gonna list those too? Someone needs to take a deep breath and let the FPPC do their thing without adding complaint after complaint. It's gone too far and is becoming ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:53 I totally agree, this is sinking to a new LOW and when this "anonymous" person filing these complaints loses my support. Ms Detrick is one of the most loving, caring & honest persons I know. Sometimes an action can just go too far and it will backfire on this person...IMHO this would be a good example. What is next...a complaint against every person who shared an appetizer with Detrick?

Someone needs to take their meds.......

Big Brother said...

Anon 08:53:

Everything Detrick now does is open for absolute public scrutiny and should be. The FPPC openly admitted they failed. However, the FPPC chair also stated publicly Detrick was dishonest.

Unless complaints are filed, the FPPC “can’t do their thing.” Let’s see if they do this time.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Anon. 8:53.

Anonymous said...

Committee treasurers have strict State laws they are required to follow. And when they don’t, they are consequences.

Karma Stick said...

Jan Detrick is apparently the Treasure for the Steve Detrick Campaign Fund. Therefore she is just as culpable as Detrick himself. A prior FPPC ruling substantiating Detrick’s misuse of campaign funds, their trip to a winery in Napa purchased with his campaign account, included Ma Detrick. Additionally, in the most recent FPPC investigation, Pa Detrick claimed to have repaid his campaign account in exchange for a reduced number of counts against hiim, a reduced fine and counts against Ma Detrick removed. So while ya’ll want Ma Detrick to remain unscathed it ain’t gonna happen. She has equally benefitted from the misuse use of the monies in the campaign account. Ma Detrick may very well be a loving human being, but that doesn’t mean she should not be held accountable for her misdeeds….like we all are.
Looking back at some of the reporting on this website regarding the Ma and Pa Detrick’s illegal use of campaign funds, someone named “FPPC Insider” stated there was a secret deal. EGN asked Pa Detrick for proof, but it is blatantly obvious he provided none; perhaps because he was again “not truthful?”

As was pointed out in commentary to a prior report on EGN, it was possible at one point that Pa Detrick might be able to salvage some of his reputation, as well as that of his family. However, it’s too late for that now and the sliminess of the situation just continues to ooze and cover Ma and the babies. Ma Detrick has a separate reputation in Elk Grove. However, depending on what the FPPC investigation reveals that may go by the wayside. Pathetically, it appears as if they have placed themselves in a position to be swallowed whole for lack of telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is all beginning to not pass the "smell test" in more ways than one. If memory serves me correctly it all started with the complaint against Brian Detrick & his business and has escalated since then. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but it seems to have become some kind of vendetta. Yes, I agree, we have had no explanation about the funds being paid back, but the FPPC has to take that hit too. There just seems to be a lot of hanky panky going on....JMHO

No Longer a Detrick Follower or Campaign Contributor/Worker said...

From this concerned citizen's perspective, any hanky-panky is coming from the Detrick camp. Yes, the FPPC F'd up, but Detrick told the FPPC he had already repaid his campaign account in exchange for a reduced fine and a reduction in the number accounts against him as well as no charges against his real estate agent wife.

Detrick is an elected official. His actions as such are open to review by the public and there are oversight agencies by which he can be held accountable for his "misdeeds." Sadly, his actions as a public official, misuse of his campaign account, have infected the remainder of his family. I'm assuming it was a joint decision for his wife to act as his Treasurer. As Treasurer she is responsible for her actions as such and can, and should, be held accountable.

Detrick, his wife and his son benefited from the illegal use of his campaign funds. As a public official and the Treasurer of the account, the FPPC is the oversight agency that investigates such illegal activity. Just because some one is "nice" or "loving" does not give them a pass from accountability; particularly when you engage in the same activity after being found guilty of it the first and second time. That's either arrogance or stupidity, maybe both.

As an individual who donated to his campaign account, walked precincts and supported Detrick, I am appalled by his continued behavior. As stated by another commentator here, his and his family's continued self-promotion has exceeded sickening and slid right into pathetic.

All elected officials should be held accountable. I hope those that are holding Detrick accountable, and all past electeds, continue to do so. It is said we have the government we deserve. I reject that notion. We do not deserve the likes of Detrick as he has revealed himself to be. We deserve better. I demand better.

Anonymous said...

This is a rather small community, one where we see each other weekly, attend the same functions, meetings and more. This can have a hugh impact on any and all decisions coming before our City Council or dealings with our city by outsiders. It's imperative it's cleaned up and soon. The people have to have trust in all dealings with the city and our electeds who are seated at the dias twice monthly.

Please do the right thing for once Detrick.....resign said...

To Anon 12:36,

You are correct. It is imperative that this is cleaned up immediately. If Detrick has played loosey goosey with his campaign account, think of what damage could be done with the City coffers. Certainly not saying he's misusing taxpayer dollars, but his reasoning and deliberation has certainly been called into question.

Detrick has been quoted on many occasions that he is honest, has integrity and that we should hold him accountable. Citizens have held him accountable and look at his response. He is not longer trustworthy in my opinion, if he ever was.

Billy 363 said...

Poster @ 20:11 is correct.

Detrick ran his campaign spouting off his values of integrity and honesty. He's also challenged the masses to hold him accountable if he screws up. We are trying to do that, but his ego just won't let him hear the distain and disappointment in the citizens comments. Why hasn't he addressed these issues publicly? The only logical answer is he's guilty of all charges.

There was so much promise and hope when Detrick took office. He strayed from the path of doing what was right to being a whore for the developers. Truly disappointing.

We need someone with integrity and someone who is willing to do what is right for the city now and in its future. Hopefully, someone will step forward and run against Detrick next cycle.

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