In Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations, Sacramento Dems Call for Reform at Sac City Hall

August 5, 2015 | In the aftermath of another sexual harassment allegation involving a member of the Sacramento City Council, the Demo...

August 5, 2015 |

In the aftermath of another sexual harassment allegation involving a member of the Sacramento City Council, the Democratic Party of Sacramento County is calling on the establishment of an independent City Ethic Commission. 

“The latest allegations of sexual harassment and misuse of public funds by a Member of the Sacramento City Council demonstrates a disturbing and disgusting pattern to abuse power and people hired to serve the public,” Kerri Asbury, Chair of the DPSC said. “While the Councilmember in this latest incident is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the complaint details a shocking work environment that no person should be forced to tolerate.”

The latest allegation of sexual harassment surfaced yesterday when it was revealed a complaint had been filed by an ex-aid of Sacramento City Council Member Allen Warren. That aide, Delia Chacon, alleges that Warren "coerced her into submission to his repeated sexual requests" at her home and on four separate trips. 

“These complaints along with local and national media accounts of the Mayor’s efforts to hide his use of government paid staff and resources, not to benefit the public, but to promote his personal brand and ego is a slap in the face to every taxpayer in this city,” Asbury added. “These allegations need to be independently investigated, outside of the political influence of the City Council or the City Manager’s Office. The Sacramento City Council needs to immediately establish an independent Ethics Commission, with enforcement authority to address complaints of wrongdoing by the Mayor and City Council.”

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Anonymous said...

As we have seen with many a politician, it is not the deed that causes the most trouble; it is the cover up. Or suddenly the case drops dead in its tracks with a payoff. The recent one against Kevin Johnson, as reported in the Bee, the attorney for the woman in that case stated her client was “satisfied with the conclusion of this matter.” She wanted $200K.

How many Anthony Weiners do we have among us who lie and lie until they finally get caught? And the misuse of funds by elected officials? Take a number!

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as an honest politician. Every politician is after one of three things:
1. Power
2. Money
3. Women

An old Chinese proverb, "An honest politician is as rare as a straight pubic hair."

Anonymous said...

Sacramento will go bankrupt.

Will Elk Grove follow?

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