Costo Submits Plans For New Warehouse Store, Could Bring 250 New Jobs to Elk Grove

October 26, 2015 | Ending years of speculation of what membership warehouse would be the first to locate in Elk Grove, it was reve...

October 26, 2015 |
Ending years of speculation of what membership warehouse would be the first to locate in Elk Grove, it was revealed today that retail giant Costco has submitted design plans for a new store. The new warehouse-style store will be located on southeast corner of Elk Grove Boulevard and Bruceville Road.   
According to the submitted plans, the store would be approximately 150,000 square feet and have a 24-pump gas station outlet that could be expanded to 30 pumps. The 17-acre parcel is owned by Pappas Investments and has been zoned for such use as part of the original Laguna Ridge master plan. 
As retailers go, Costco has been lauded by everyone from business publications to President Obama for its generous compensation and benefits plans, especially as compared to its main rival, Walmart's Sam's Club unit. By several accounts full-time Costco employees earn twice as much as typical Walmart and Sam's Club employees with each store typically employing around 250 people.

“Elk Grove is a smart investment for Costco,” Elk Grove  Economic Development Director Darrell Doan said. “Our residents are demanding more and higher quality retail options and this project fills both of those needs.
Review has begun by the City and other agencies. The project is subject to discretionary conditional use permit and design review approvals by the Planning Commission; it is to reach the Planning Commission for public hearing in early 2016.

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Warren Buffett said...

“First of all, retail is critically important to Elk Grove,” Doan said. “It’s our second largest general fund revenue source. In a real and metaphorical way, it’s what keeps the lights on at city hall. It’s what pays for the cop’s salaries; it’s what fills the potholes.”

Proud to be led said...

Good job Mayor Davis! I just knew when you said Elk Grove is "open for business", investors would be listening. Keep up the good work and keep that pressure on the mall people!

Connie said...

First up, I think it is great Elk Grove is getting its own Costco. I just hope the ingress and egress are designed well to accommodate all the traffic, especially for the gas station. Even though the Costco on East Stockton Blvd. isn’t at a major intersection like Elk Grove Blvd. and Bruceville Road, traffic there can be a nightmare at times.

I am going NIMBY on you all: I am so glad I don’t live over there. Can’t say it enough: The design needs to be done absolutely perfectly. However, knowing our Elk Grove Planning Commission, they will insist on it!

So does this mean there will no Costco at Grantline near the mall when the big box stores are built? Paves the way for a Sam’s Club over there.

Ice Rink said...

That thump you hear is the sound of a rubber stamp.

copperswife said...

This would have been better located off of Grant Line/Kammerer near the "mall". It would have been a great first, big store in that area and the traffic situation would be far better.

Anonymous said...

I think locating near the Outlet Mall would have been better and do have a concern how this might change Dignitys plans for the hospital expansion. I agree, the ingress and egress will be very critical. Most likely there will be other commercial located just to the east and then we also have the Civic Center and Olympics Aquatics Center planned at Big Horn. Could be a massive traffic issue on EG Blvd. in the making.

Jesus of Suburbia said...

While in the grand scheme of things I am a Costco member and glad to see them open, I am befuddled by all the attention given to today's announcement.

First, every media outlet is all over this story like stink on you know what. I mean really, this is not like a major employer deciding to locate here over say Rancho Cordova, Sacramento or some overseas location. It is a retailer who is simply following rooftops. Furthermore, according to the city's own press release, that parcel was already zoned for such use.

What it does indicate how our region in general and our city specifically is deprived of any quality jobs. Think of all the attention given to other retailers that opened in Elk Grove recently like Total Wine and More, Smart and Final and Island Pacific. The city trots out council member and their media machine kicks in gear patting themselves on the back along the way.

While we are all glad to see these businesses locate here, the city council members walk around like peacocks acting like it was their business acumen that brought them here. I guess they can say their leadership in building rooftop on top of rooftop is what makes Elk Grove a retailers dream. Remember for every Costco type retailer or three or four Union grocery stores in Elk Grove who pay a good wage, there are a scores more Walmart’s', Target's, McDonald's, KFC’s, pizza shops, nail salon, smoke & vape shops, and their low wage jobs.

Looking forward to those quality jobs Davis and Ly have promised. Wake me up when September ends!

Anonymous said...

We are members of Costco and having this store will not cause us to make any changes in our shopping habits. We'll still shop Nugget and Trader Joe's once or twice weekly with our regular trip to Costco maybe once every two months. What will be more of a nuisance will be traffic if not done correctly. It's IMO just another discount store that maybe pays better than most.

Now...will this help in bringing in those high-paying jobs we hear Davis talk about? Not likely....they don't follow discount stores. This Costco has been in the plans for years and not something Davis, Ly or Doan should crow about. The economy made that call. At least this will clean up that corner that Pappas and the City couldn't seem to get done.

As mentioned above, I am concerned about Dignity changing their plans. That would be a hugh loss....all the discount stores in the world would not make up for that loss.

Anonymous said...

Ditto most comments....this store doesn't fit my shopping needs as the one on Mack Rd., I'll drive there to shop. This is a smaller store, right?

Support the Greeks said...

EG Blvd is going to be ground zero for not only the customer traffic, but it will be cluttered with the semi delivery trucks too (plus the trucks already headed to the Bruceville Walmart). The current 50 mph posted speed limit will be a cruel joke! The site does not have easy freeway access and add in the hospital traffic, aquatic center traffic, and everyone else--better get that Whitelock/99 interchange going--goodbye EG Regional Park.

Anonymous said...

I got a chuckle out of this comment on the cities web site, "Elk Grove is a smart investment for Costco,” said the City’s Economic Development Director, Darrell Doan. “Our residents are demanding more and higher quality retail options and this project fills both of those needs." Higher quality retail??? Does he not know that Costco is a discount store?

Anonymous said...

Not 250 new jobs. All will be transfers from South Sac.

Anonymous said...

i remember a several years ago, elk grove wanted nohing to do with big box retailers.... now they want hem all...

Charles Schulz said...

No Anon at 11:40:

No Detrick didn't want a Walmart across the street from his gated lake community {how much water does that thing use up.) Now he champions rezones and changes in city ordinances for the likes of people like Gil Moore, his money, and an Arco gas station!

Here was a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on TV last night. Little Sally Brown got it right when she said, "He sold out! We elected him, and he sold out! They're all the same! Promises, promises! You elect them, and they weasel out of their promises!"

PaulChau said...

I bet the warehouse facility is as huge as all their previous outlets. It is not a surprising fact though for a retail giant to be consistently expanding their businesses rapidly in order to meet increasing demand in this fast-paced era.

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