Elk Grove Electronic Billboards Have Little Appeal Poll Shows

November 30, 2015 |

A recently conducted online poll shows scant support for installation of electronic billboards in Elk Grove.

Conducted over a five day period starting on November 20, 28 respondents were asked for their views on the possibility of installing billboards along Highway 99 and Interstate 5. An overwhelming 73-percent or 21 of the respondents said electronic billboards would create visual blight or create safety distractions for drivers.

The poll found 17-percent or five respondents viewed them favorably. The respondents said the billboards can convey important information, can be an important source of revenue for the city, and they could be helpful as Elk Grove attempts to transform itself into a tourist destination. The balance of the respondents, seven-percent or two had no opinion.

The idea of holding discussions on electronic billboards surfaced during the November 18, Elk Grove City Council meeting when Vice Mayor Pat Hume asked to place it on a future agenda. The two other council members in attendance at the meeting, Steve Ly and Darren Suen, agreed and also voiced support for the installation of the billboards (See video below).

Earlier this year Rancho Cordova approved the installation of electronic billboards along Highway 50. Those billboards will generate about $56,000 annually in revenues for the city over the next 25 years.

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Warren Buffett said...

In Rancho Cordova's case, it would be interesting to know what their up-front costs are and how many years it will take to break even, assuming their quoted $56,000 per year economic benefit.

Knowing Elk Grove, they will probably pay for a feasibility study to justify the project, and then hopefully will not add to the signage installation cost by having to pay for land acquisition as well. If I recall correctly, the city sold off their surplus properties last year to allow for other freeways signs.

Anonymous said...

It seems our city council has a hugh problem staying focused to the business at hand. I call it the "diversion tactic". Get the taxpayers minds off the many projects they've started and remain unfinished and talk about something that will bring in a few thousand dollars a year. $$ gets their attention, right?

Billboards don't bring in those higher dollar jobs or tourists to make this their vacation spot. I believe Councilmember Suen said he had been wondering how best to reach the people in the community and that electronic billboard might just do the trick. Guess it never entered his mind that there could just be another reason why the Peoples House is empty during meetings and maybe try to fix that. Zero costs!!

Can't wait until the next council meeting to see what new project they've thought up over the holiday to "divert" our minds from their unfinished business.

Anonymous said...

It's now a year+ later and we're still waiting.......

“We all need to know our economic plan is for the year ... a level of detail about what that plan is,” Mayor Gary Davis said at the March meeting. “Everybody needs to know.”

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/community/elk-grove/article2608750.html#storylink=cpy

Anonymous said...

Elk Grove is starting to look like a suburban dump like those cities up in the north area.

The signs just accelerate the dumpy look of the city.

Anonymous said...

I see many of our nearby cities and their tree lighting ceremonies on the news. Why do we not have one? They make a city welcoming and get us all in the holiday spirit. The parade is nice, but it's a temporary event. We need some holiday spirit to enjoy as we drive our city shopping. It is my understanding that at one time EG did have one, but was discontinued for some reason. The $1 million dollar property would be a great location since it serves no other purpose except for food trucks once a month. We seem to have an endless supply on money so that can't be the reason. Anyone know the why? Maybe that would be a good use of all that billboard money we'll be raking in.

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