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November 28, 2015 |

Long before the term derivative was associated with Wall Street traders, quants; and long before the term created anxiety whenever encountered by calculus students, it had a simple meaning as a noun.

One definition of derivative is something that is based on another source.

As we celebrate the four-day Thanksgiving Holiday, EGN would be remiss if we did not thank the derivatives as defined above that fuel this site. 

In this case, we will take derivatives to mean the many sources that provide story ideas, tips, photographs, confidential information and other tidbits of information that make up many of the stories posted on this site. 

Our derivatives are not derived from sinister mathematicians fueling financial weapons of mass destruction; rather they are people who are concerned with monitoring the grinding gears of our bureaucracies and the foibles of our elected officials. They are men and women from all age groups, races, religions and walks of life - academia, private business, and most especially from the halls of government - from which this information originates.  

So here are thanks to derivatives - you are an effective tool in the citizens' and EGN's arsenal as we all attempt to keep the light shining on the workings of our government and politicians. 

They might try to block EGN from their servers, but they can't block the derivatives from monitoring them!


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Ice Rink said...

Congratulations on spreading the word and now Google is picking up your stories! "They might not like us, but here you are"!

Connie said...

When a local government practices censorship becoming a “Grass-mud horse” by blocking Internet news cites, it says to me that said government is trying to institute bureaucratic government control and stifle free speech and diversity of information in the press and media. When that occurs, citizens must speak up and act to restore free speech and the diversity of governmental information.

Anonymous said...

Geez, "Grass-mud horse" sounds like a Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian regime. Yes, I agree, citizens must speak up and never allow that to happen in this or any governmental agency. Unspeakable.....

Anonymous said...

Fascist forms of censorship should tip all off to something being wrong or hidden.

If people or agencies do the right thing they should be proud to be noticed and lauded for those deeds. When they begin censoring their own employees and impinging on their constitutional rights of free speech something is definitely wrong.

What's going on at City Hall?
What are you hiding?
What are you afraid of?

Laura Gill is beginning to look a lot like Benito Mussolini...Musolini did dress better though.

Anonymous said...

I suppose a city has a right to do that, but exactly what their purpose would be is beyond me. Do they think that is the only technology the employees have at hand this day and age? That would only make me, as an employee, more curious. Sounds as if someone at city hall is getting nervous....

Anonymous said...

Flaming suburban dumpster fire!

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