Elk Grove to Consider $81,000 Incentive For Prison Health Authority

January 26, 2016 |

At their regular meeting tomorrow night, the Elk Grove City Council will consider giving further economic development funds to the California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS).

The grant is being sought as because of expanding operations of the agency. According to the staff report, the agency expects to increase employment from 1,500 to approximately 1,564 employees by 2017. Because of the expansion, the CCHCS will be leasing additional space in a building under construction on Longleaf Drive.     

The CCHCS relocated to Elk Grove following a $3.4 million economic development grant in 2011. That grant gave $1.9 million to CCHCS and $1.5 to Pappas Investments, the developer of the facility.

The $81,000 grant is based on the original incentive that awarded approximately $1,266 per employee. No incentive is being requested by or provided to Pappas Investments.

Wednesday night's meeting starts at 6 p.m.

California Correctional Health Care Services 
Elk Grove headquarters.  

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Lynn said...

Tax payer money going to incentives again to a gov't agency. City stealing jobs from Sacramento again?! If this is not new job creation for our region than once again our city leaders are not regional players.
If at best I can only hope that the 64 jobs will be individuals already residing in Elk Grove and this will take 64 cars off 99 or 64 people off the over crowded computer bus.

Can't fix our roads, can't complete trails, can't get the civic center done.

What can our leaders do? Spend money on incentives, consultants, feasibility studies, and promise civic center development at 50+million..... Oh, and when all is said and done leaders can blame others for the broken promises and lack of whatever in our city....CSD, Elk Grove School District, Regional Transit...Yep...our leaders have blamed these agencies for parks not getting done, no pools for kids, and poor public transportation and no funds.

The 5-0 vote tomorrow night will be all about economic development. Before the the 5-0 vote I believe the question to ask the leaders-What has been the return on the previous 3.4 million dollars. I did not see that in the staff report. How have they been tracking the taxpayer investment?

Anonymous said...

This city never ceases to amaze me....an incentive to a government agency. I guess I should be glad they didn't find a way to slap it on the Laguna Ridge residents or maybe they will yet.

Warren Buffett said...

Amazing! Taking money out of the pockets of local taxpayers to give to an agency supported by state taxpayers. We have the Ponzi scheme with development fees, and now we have Three-card Monte! These hucksters would make P.T. Barnum proud.

Thomas A. Anderson said...

In the grand scheme of things, the $82,000 will not really effect the budget that much. Having said that, this City has created a monster of sorts. Ever see the movie "The Little Shop of Horrors"? Recall that Seymour bred the "Audrey II". Once the Audrey II got a taste of the blood, well there was just no turning back.

The City Council is playing the role of Seymour in this little drama and the party receiving the incentive, in this case the California Correctional Health Care, is Audrey II. They got that taste of blood, and man do they like it...Way to go fellas!

Mark Doty, Trails Committee Chair said...

Hi Lynn,

On a Trails note there are two significant trail connections on the agenda tomorrow night. The Camden north and south spurs will connect the Camden Estates neighborhood and Cal Fit shopping center/neighborhood south of Bond to the Laguna Creek trail. I'm hopeful the projects will have support from the community and are approved by the council.

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