Harvest Moon - Ushering in Autumn

September 17, 2016 | There are certain things that happen during the change of seasons that stay with you for your whole lifetime, e...

September 17, 2016 |

There are certain things that happen during the change of seasons that stay with you for your whole lifetime, especially if you live in the north country. Those subtle things that we look forward to as we pass from one season to the next.

That is one of the reasons that I headed back from California to the Midwest - to return to the experience of the transformation from one season to the next.

Let me tell you a little about my experience living in Southern Cal… yeah it was a cool thing to do, but after four years of small subtle changes from season to season that happen are just that-- SUBTLE. The only way I could truly tell it was winter was the view from my bedroom window, which was to look at the snow cap peak of Mt. Baldy. Only then would I realized it was, oh yeah, that’s right its winter, and I’m in Southern California. 

That scene would remind me of the first snowfall back in the Midwest and the quietness of snow falling on what was still green grass. It was a magical moment that earliest snow of the season. I never regret moving back to the Midwest. 

As we transition from late summer to early fall here in Michigan, it’s an almost perfect time of the year. The reason I feel this way is not the cold, gray days of winter that we all have to deal with, but rather to me it’s the harvest moon and my early memories from childhood being told about this special time of year. 

I remember, walking down the street where I grew up and seeing the sun setting at just the right angle, which changed the whole look of the shadows the trees cast on our street. Moreover, the amazing angle of the September sunlight hitting our front porch, both being so soft and subdue and giving the first hint that things are changing. It was also about casting an eye to the sky as the moon starts to rise, so close to the sun going down, and taking it all in, just sitting on the curb stuck in the moment of all the wonder of movement and light. 

The harvest moon is a term I learned when I was a very young and actually at that time I had no idea that it was a blessing for our hard working farmers. Perhaps in today’s age of daylight saving time, maybe it has less meaning. Personally, it's all about the beauty of being almost able to reach out and touch the harvest moon. 

As I am writing this story, even though the harvest moon happened yesterday afternoon, it will still be spectacular for the next few nights.  

There is still time to see the next full moon in all its beauty for days to come before that first snow of late Autumn. As you can probably sense, to me it’s a feeling of an amazing magical sensation with any full moon. 

The next one is October 16, and as Native Americans call it in October - the hunters moon. So be sure to take in the dazzling beauty as the moon turns full again in a few weeks. The night sky with a full moon and with our view from the north it is always a beautiful sight. Enjoy! 


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