Opinion - Our House of Resistant Leaders...

By Norma Lee | December 7, 2016 |

When reading all the articles regarding the proposed Wilton Racheria Casino, I have found it interesting that the people who are most affected are left out of the story. That would be the community - the voters and taxpayers of Elk Grove.

A petition came our way, later to learn it was paid for by an outside group. Nonetheless, it was the people's way to have a voice by signing this petition against a Casino locating in our city.  Now it appears the City and another outside group, Region Builders, are at work to take the peoples' voice away.

It seems our Elk Grove City Councilmen are not willing to rethink their agendas according to citizen input. Why are our leaders unable to listen, to encourage citizens to remain involved? The 14,000-plus Elk Grove residents signed a petition and are being treated as if they do not exist.

I have yet to hear one of our leaders say "yes, we heard you." It's as if you're fighting the very people who put you in office and I might also add with some information that is misleading.

This is how I look at this whole mess. I know, the Casino will eventually be built and our esteemed leaders, for that period in time, will be marching in line to their own beat to cut the grand opening ribbons.

So much for Destination City - it's now the Gambling Mecca of Elk Grove - City That Never Sleeps!

All you soccer kids have been sold out for the ping of that slot machine.

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