Letter to the Editor - Elk Grove City Council Retreat

March 27, 2017 | Re: Elk Grove City Council Retreat Meeting In your article entitled,  “Elk Grove City Council Holds 'Retreat&#...

March 27, 2017 |

Re: Elk Grove City Council Retreat Meeting

In your article entitled, “Elk Grove City Council Holds 'Retreat' Special Meeting, Discusses Vision for City,” several of the city of Elk Grove’s department heads gave PowerPoint presentations regarding visions for the city, spending quite a bit of time on our city’s mission statement, covering points such as “tolerate diversity” – don’t know if I like that term – along with the ever-present mantra of “jobs, jobs, jobs.” 

While sitting in the audience, an exclusive came through on my phone from the Sacramento Business Journal which read, “State planning $141 million construction project in Rancho Cordova.”

Since I couldn’t stay for public comment which was scheduled at the end of the meeting, I sent an email to the city of Elk Grove’s economic developer director, Darrell Doan, asking if Elk Grove was considered for the State’s new project. After all, if Elk Grove is to elevate itself to next level of job creation, we must go beyond retail jobs. If the city of Elk Grove wasn’t considered, I asked why not.  To date, I haven’t received a response.

If Elk Grove wasn’t even considered for this State project, that is shame because Elk Grove is home to thousands of State workers. With this project being a consolidation of several State agencies, and with no light rail, it will tie up our city’s East/West corridors, including the rural area, even more as these residents commute to and from Rancho [Cordova] for work on our city’s roads which currently need ten million dollars of repair.

Connie Conley, Elk Grove Calif. 

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Amber Enderton said...

Connie, you are right that "tolerate diversity" is an extremely poor choice of words. It's not very welcoming at all. Diversity needs to be accepted and embraced, not tolerated like it is some sort of inconvenience.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Elk Grove has been throwing everything at the walls to see what sticks, and so far we have nothing but a lot of feasibility studies gathering dust and debt plans to borrow against future impact fee revenue and tax assessments. I'm beginning to think we should be called the teflon city, where nothing sticks!

From the heavily subsidized ice rink to the heavily publicized NRC Manufacturing, which appears to be a no-show, it does seem like our leaders craft sound bites merely to survive another two weeks until the next meeting. Life in Teflon City, where nothing sticks and no one remembers!

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