Don't Let Trump's Offensive Tweets Muddle, Obscure Far More Disgusting Things Coming From His Administration

July 2, 2017 |   When the day comes that Donald Trump leaves the Presidency of the United States, by impeachment, the 25th Amen...

July 2, 2017 |  

When the day comes that Donald Trump leaves the Presidency of the United States, by impeachment, the 25th Amendment or expiration of his term, there is a chance more words will have been written and spoken about him than all the other American President's combined who preceded him.

Much of what has, and will continue to be written about Trump will be about his activities on Twitter. There doesn't seem to be a week, sometimes even days or hours, where his outburst on the social media platform is not the main topic of conversation in the press and with people's everyday conversations.

Trump's use of Twitter is, at a very minimum, undignified and demeaning not only to the subjects of his scorn but Americans in general. These tweets, however, have provided Trump and his millionaire and billionaire cabinet a way to obscure the very aggressive, reactionary agenda of his administration.
Many Americans are usually aware of what Trump's most recent Twitter rant was, but are almost clueless of more important pocketbook issues flying under the radar undetected. A prime example among many from last week alone is the Trump administration's unwillingness to support pro-worker overtime rules implemented in the Obama administration.

On Friday, June 30 the Trump administration decided not to defend in a court case standards enacted by Obama's Labor Department that raised the threshold for salaried positions eligible for overtime pay. By raising the salary threshold, many workers in low-level salaried positions would qualify for overtime pay once they pass 40-hours in one week.

It is estimated this change would have affected about four million workers. While the Trump administration said it would consider raising the threshold, which is currently $23,660, it is unwilling to supports Obama's proposed standard of $47,476. 

Many of these salaried workers regularly work in excess of 40-hours a week but receive no additional compensation. Businesses like fast-food and national chain restaurants often will give workers management titles paying slightly more than the minimum, even though they regularly perform hourly employees' tasks, and routinely spend far more that 40 hours a week on the job.

For a President who claimed as a candidate he was for lifting low-income, forgotten workers,  this was a punch in the belly. Conversely, his administration's decision to not support Obama's standards is a victory for big business.

So while many continue to express disgust with Trump's irresponsible and undignified outbursts on Twitter, it is more important to see the regressive, reactionary nature of his administration. People ought to be equally disgusted with this assault.  


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