Voices of Elk Grove - Resident Expresses Frustration With Council Member, EGPD; 'I think they are writing me off'

Elk Grove District 2 City Council Member Pat Hume. | 
July 3, 2017 |  

At the most recent regular meeting of the Elk Grove City Council on Wednesday, June 28, one city resident expressed frustration with a City Council member and the Elk Grove Police.

That resident, Gregory Waldon of Amenity Circle spoke during public comment and lambasted Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume for not returning email correspondence and the Elk Grove Police for not coming to his neighborhood regarding what he characterized as dangerous vehicular and motorcycle activity.  

"My experiences, emailing my city councilperson - he doesn't answer my emails," Waldron said. 

Waldron then went on to describe what he called "a traffic problem on my street." Those problems, on Amenity Circle and Emerald Park Drive, have been described to the City's public works department and the police department's traffic division includes regular vehicular and "ninja" motorcycle speeding, on occasion at speeds greater than 100 mph,  and one vehicle spinning donuts.

After confronting the drivers in the cases and contacting police, Waldron said his house got egged. Waldron said he has inquired about the installation of speed bumps but feels he is getting the runaround at city hall. To further frustrate the situation, he finally got a police patrol car to respond to a recent incident after telling dispatchers he would take the matter into his own hands.

"I told the dispatch on 9-1-1, 'I'm taking the law into my own hands if I don't get someone to show up," he said. "They were there like in 30 seconds."

After relating his dealing with the City, Waldron said, "I think they are writing me off." 

In response, Vice Mayor Steve Detrick, who was conducting the meeting said the City Council and the various departments would respond to his requests. 

"I'd like to see someone get off their rear end and start it," he added. 

See the complete video of Waldron's comments and the response from Detrick and District 2 Council Member Pat Hume below. 

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Apparently, Mr. Waldon is not a member of the elitist group of citizens to whom Mr. Hume responds and represents. Mr. Waldon, sad to say you are in the majority.

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