Andres Ramos - Why I am Running For Elk Grove City Council

By Andres Ramos | June 5, 2018 |

Special to Elk Grove News

After much thought and deliberation, I've decided to run for Elk Grove City Council. I'm running because I want to serve Elk Grove, and end business as usual at City Hall. I will bring a new perspective to the City Council that better reflects Elk Grove's values and prioritizes our residents' needs.

I grew up in Elk Grove and have served our community in various capacities, such as on the city’s Multicultural Committee, where I worked to make Elk Grove a more inclusive community that celebrates our diversity. Recently I graduated from law school and spent the last several months at the State Capitol working on a range of statewide issues, such as housing and education. Prior to law school, I worked as a substitute teacher and paraeducator in the Elk Grove Unified School District, and have returned to that work while I prepare for the bar exam this summer.

We are facing an affordability crisis in housing, employment, transportation, and cost of living. Making Elk Grove more affordable and inclusive will be a top priority. I will advocate for smart growth that plans for infill, mixed-use development, appropriately planned for business development so that we are creating both high wage jobs and affordable homes for all residents.

We also need change at City Hall. The City Council's growth priorities have been misguided, exacerbating our jobs-to-homes imbalance, traffic congestion, and impacting our quality of life. Now, they want more growth and misguided development by expanding our city boundary.

Additionally, the City Council has grown out of touch with residents. Recently, the City Council (excluding the mayor) decided to preserve the city's antiquated electoral system that protects them from challengers. And last month, the City Council (excluding the mayor) voted to fire the city manager without cause (and despite agreeing that she was doing a good job), costing taxpayers over $300,000. It's time to reset priorities at City Hall.

I will advocate for greater accountability at City Hall by supporting neighborhood elections, rather than our current outdated election system that protects incumbent politicians. I will propose campaign finance limits so that Council Members are not beholden to special interests that can contribute large sums of money to fund their campaigns. And I will ensure that the City Council invests in our community, rather than wasting taxpayer money on misguided decisions.

I'll have more to say as my campaign gets underway, and look forward to hearing from residents about how we can work together to move Elk Grove forward.

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Mark Doty, Trails Committee Chair said...

Hi Andrew,

Can you start by letting us know which district you reside? I believe District 2 & 4 as well as mayor are up for election this year.

Best of luck.

Mark Doty

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