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By Gary Chew | September 21, 2018 |    

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Michael Moore is good at coming up with titles for his documentary films. But his latest requires a bit more processing in order to get to what the name of the movie means. I thought that the title of this new Moore movie (just opening) refers to the date of the upcoming midterm elections. Whoops, that's incorrect: November 6th is when participating American citizens like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford vote.

So then, what does November 9th mean? Certainly not 9/11. But looking at an old calendar, one easily sees the date Moore is playing coy with is November 9, 2016. That would be the date following that fateful day when Hillary Rodham Clinton didn't clinch the presidency thing. Gawd, that day! I'm still trying to not remember it. The loss was enough for Michael, in voice/over, to query, “How the ____ did this happen?”

Moore continues the coy act as his movie rolls further into the first act.

Michael is one of a scant bunch of folks on Mother Earth who predicted that Donald J. Trumpf would win the Oval Office. Why, you might ask. Moore is your first class blue collar dude, but a Progressive blue collar dude. You know, the kind who really appreciates how important solidarity is. Michael saw with his perceptive peepers how “Trumpf-on-Stumpf” was appealing to many lower-middle class voters (mostly white guys) who work their butts off just about every day. The Donald and his mob of prevaricators were clever … which likely meant they're not teeming with wisdom.

I'm now list a roster of recent occurrences (in title-like form) that Moore puts under his hardscrabble microscope of a camera. As you read across the phrases, please consider what kind of lambasting old Michael lays onto the main actors represented in each absurdly humorous circumstance.

Flint, Michigan: The Water Saga; Parkland, Florida: Kick Ass High School Kids Who Won't Shut Up; Michael travels the nation interviewing citizens about President Trumpf's victory in conjunction with the interrogative he shouts as his film begins … and how the “victory” has and will impact American economic, social and political underpinnings; Honolulu Gets Nuked: Almost; The Electoral College: What A Bunch Of Out-Dated Malarkey; Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan: Maybe Even Worse Than Ivanka's Daddy (and uh, uh, such an out-of-the-ordinary father/daughter bonding they exhibit); Michael Waters Governor Snyder's Lawn With A Liquid From The Flint River; Michael Sneaks Into Chic Mar-A-Lago, remaining there for a whole, entire quarter-hour before being shown out; Obama's Visit And Strike On Flint: Oh Yes, Something Not Covered So Much By Big Media; Is The Donald Channeling Der Führer? ---Very Scary Film Noir Resonance and finally … most significant, SNAFUs Perpetrated By Donald J. Trumpf: The Never-Ending Story.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is a riot, but as it ends, don't expect anyone to rise immediately from their seat and breezily whisk out of the theater … for a slight sense of shock will be suspended somewhere up in the darkness … just below the ceiling.

Michael Moore wants VERY MUCH for you to vote this coming November 6th.  So do I!   And I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut that Ray Bradbury would advise the same.
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