Ly unleashes first 2018 Elk Grove campaign gift, focuses on Democratic votes with like-minded candidates

September 2, 2018 | 

As the traditional end of the summer season, Labor Day has also been the starting point for American political campaigns. Honoring that heritage, Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly has apparently started door-to-door operations of his campaign this weekend.

Moreover, to add what has become a staple in his last two campaigns, Ly started presenting gifts as his campaign workers went on precinct walking. This year's first gift was a reusable grocery bag.

What was different about this year's initial gift, is the message. While Ly's name is the prominent name of the reusable bag, the names of four other candidates also appear.

Appearing along with Ly were city council candidates Andres' Ramos and Orlando Fuentes who are challenging incumbents, Pat Hume and Stephanie Nguyen, respectively. Additionally, Ly included Cosumnes Community Services District Director incumbent Rod Brewer and Jaclyn Moreno who are seeking two open seats on the board. 

As part of the campaign's efforts, flyers were distributed to voters (see below). One of the pages includes a laundry list of positive statistics and recent projects undertaken by the city. 

While Ly is not claiming credit for any of the items listed, the photo of him with his tie loosened working in a darkened room suggests to voters that he has been working late into the evening on behalf of residents. 

Another photograph shows Ly standing in front of a sign at the Apple Computer Elk Grove facility saying "Expansion with new jobs," but stops short of mentioning the company. Apple Computer is famously secretive in their dealings, and there is no indication that any members of the city council including Ly or city staff have any communication with the most valuable company in the world nor had any role in their planned expansion.

On the other page, which is more significant, Ly reveals the reelection strategy he has developed - targeting Democratic voters with his slate of four other candidates. The flyer implores voters to "Vote Democratic by November 6" and "Vote for Elk Grove's United Democratic Team."

The statement accompanying the proclamations and candidates' logos is trying to tap into national discontent with President Donald Trump saying "As we head to the ballot box to vote for Democratic values at the national level support our united Democratic team locally - right here in Elk Grove." The term Democratic appears three times in the short appeal.

Facing stem opposition from Tracie Stafford and fellow council member Vice Mayor Darren Suen, both of whom are also Democratic party members, Ly seems to be placing a large bet on tapping into what some political analyst are calling a motivated  Democratic voting block. The reasoning seems to be if they can draw on that discontent, and get voters to vote down ballot, this slate can be a local referendum on the Trump presidency.  

If Ly's strategy works and if he gets reelected, and he helps either Fuentes or Ramos win a seat on the council along with Moreno and Brewer, he will have hatched a political machine within the Sacramento area Democratic Party that could become a force to be reckoned with for years to come. If he loses his own reelection, he will become just another vanquished politician whose phone calls will go unanswered.


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Josie said...

"Party-free" politics at city hall, RIP!

It’s the kind of thing that will be buried three times before we all agree it’s dead, but this looks and smells like the death of “party-free” politics at Elk Groves city hall and CSD.  According to this article Mayor Ly has been giving his allies detailed, vote-by-vote instructions on matters both large and small and has taken local politics to a whole new level.

As a registered Democrat I would hope this little groupie cleans it up. Just my 2 cents!

Renegade said...

As a registered dem, I always looks to the dem candidate before giving consideration to anyone else. However, I've been watching the Mayor for several years now and his actions and his history totally disgust me.

There are two other dems running for mayor and one of them will be getting my vote. Everyone should do a little checking on the candidates before blindly voting along party lines or for the incumbent.

We can do better than this guy.

Didn't help that some of my neighbors got flyers, grocery bags and plants, while I just got the flyer and bag. Double standards, poor planning, lack of effort, the list on this guy goes on on on.

Unknown said...

Where can I get a Mayor Ly grocery bag? I live in Suen's district on the West side of town.

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