Saweetie and Key to the City - Elk Grove City Council discusses if she should have been recognized

September 13, 2018 | 

Even though the honor had been planned and scheduled, one Elk Grove City Council member discussed the appropriateness of giving a rising hip-hop artist with local ties the Key to the City. The discussion was spurred by Council Member Pat Hume during the Wednesday, September 13 Elk Grove City Council meeting.

Opening the discussion, Hume acknowledged the sensitivity of the topic then said he received an email from one constituent expressing concern. Specifically, Hume said the person contacting him questioned the appropriateness of giving a Key to the City to Diamonté Harper, who goes by the stage name of Saweetie at last weekend's Party of the Palms teen party organized by the city's Youth Commission.

"I received an email, I think we all did, referencing the tenor of that entertainer's art," Hume said. "While I support her making that music, I don't know if you all took the time to look up some YouTube videos, I find her language and the content of her songs generally offensive." 

While he did not say the key should not be given, Hume said the city council should adopt higher standards in the future. Hume also added that given her youth, she could "have lots of life mistakes in front of her."

Agreeing with Hume's concern was Council Member Stephanie Nguyen who said she found Saweetie's lyrics "offensive and inappropriate."

Nguyen added, "I agree with council member Hume, I think we need to vet it a little bit more." 

Saweetie, who was raised in the Bay Area but graduated from Elk Grove's Monterey Trail High School, was scheduled to receive the honor at last weekend's Party at the Palms organized by the city's Youth Commission. Because of travel difficulties from the east coast, she had to cancel her appearance at the annual event. 

There has been no announcement on when the Key will be presented to Saweetie. 

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Spoons and Forks said...

As a woman of color, I found the councilman's comments quite offensive.

What was particularly tone deaf from Mr. Pat was the comment where he said Saweetie could "have lots of life mistakes in front of her."


I recall several years ago the first person to receive the honor was NASCAR driver Kyle Larson. Like Saweetie, he was young and has a long road in front of him. Were these sort of comments said in reference to him?

After all, he is an athlete on the road and there are all sorts of pitfalls for him. This is not to say Kyle is a bad guy, but he is young and has all sorts of opportunities to make a mistake.

Mr. Pat should reconsider what he said, and apologize Saweetie.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Is Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume now the Tipper Gore of Elk Grove?

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