Maureen Craft's City Council District 3 candidacy endorsed by Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly

Maureen Craft (left) and Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. |  In a significant boost to her candidacy for the Elk Grove City Council District...

Maureen Craft (left) and Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. | 

In a significant boost to her candidacy for the Elk Grove City Council District 3 seat, today, Maureen Craft received the endorsement of Mayor Steve Ly.

In a joint appearance at noon today at the Innogrove facility on Elk Grove Boulevard, Ly announced his endorsement of fellow Democrat Craft. The District 3 seat is being vacated by Councilmember Steve Detrick, who has represented the area for three four-year terms.

Craft is one of four candidates and one of two Democratic party members currently running for the seat. The other candidates are Democrat Amandeep Singh, Republican Kevin Spease, and independent Lynn Wheat. 

Recently Craft and Ly received by consent the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County. Ly's support could help Craft's fundraising efforts. 

Craft and Ly's comments can be viewed in the video below.  

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

"On the City Council, I need help. I need Maureen Craft on the City Council..."

Translated, "Maureen Craft and I need one more person on City Council to vote for us to all receive full-time salaries"...

Atticus Finch said...

What happened to leading by example and wearing a mask or observing social distancing? I guess faking it for a photo op is too much trouble.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

In the video, I detected at least one reference to being the first Hmong mayor in the U.S., several references to being African-American, Juneteenth, and seating people "at the table" who have not been represented.

Do we vote according to skin color, or do we vote based on policy positions and knowledge of the issues? I'm so confused!

Steve L said...

If above is right about Craft agreeing to having the mayor and council as full-time employees is a non-starter. We're in middle of a huge budget crisis, more than 13% out of work, and these so-called leaders are thinking of themselves over what's best for the community? - Not getting a vote here.

Randy Bekker said...

The Mayor’s translation I need help. Listen closely Elk Grove the information is in everything he supports an is pushing or the changes his supporters expect. Even if it is not good for the citizens of Elk Grove they will push their radical ideas an agendas. Public information of every idea he has brought up that he didn’t get support during a council meetings. Why has the other 2 Democrats on the Council not supported the mayor. They are moderates an the Mayor is a Progressive an he is supported by the Democratic Progressive liberal Democrats in Elk Grove an Sacramento. So here is a few of things you can expect in changes if the Mayor gets his chance by electing people associated with his political views. You can expect a Defunding of our police Department, an outside committee that will oversee our police department, a PLA agreement which will grease the Union wheels as a Campaign pay back, restructured city employees an management that could create numerous law suits as the mayors new government try’s to mirror the city’s employees to the diverse community regardless of the legal problems it creates. Every idea that a small amount of residents want will force their political views on the citizens of Elk Grove. We need to elect Kevin Spease in District # 3. We can not take a chance on a dangerous path the Mayor an his supporters wants to take us down.

Unknown said...

I supported Maureen Craft and even donated to her campaign. I thought she had fresh ideas and I was certainly under the impression that she wasn’t going to align herself with Steve Ly. With the recent news regarding Ly harassing and then engaging in a full blown smear campaign of the women who were harassed, I am looking for Ms. Craft to distance herself from Ly. If this doesn’t happen then we will know that she has already sold out as have so many before her.

Kathy Engle

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