Elk Grove News Minute - Republican law and order silence

This week we learned of the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The plot by so-called Michigan militia members – and let's be straight here – this was a terrorist plot – so let's quit calling them a militia. 

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Steve L said...

I was waiting for the comments to start rolling in on this item and I have to say I'm baffled why not EVERYONE that reads this blog is not totally outraged and upset at the actions of a paramilitary group of white Americans putting in motion a plot to take over a United States statehouse, kidnap a governor, hold a sham trial and carry out who knows what kind of punishment. This was an attempted coup of our democratic government!...and no one has anything to say in response?

Has Trump made us all so callous and self-absorbed that we lack empathy and compassion. Have we become so apathetic we aren't completely outraged by a domestic armed terrorist group attacking one of our states?

Not so many years ago Tom Browkaw wrote a book entitled "The Greatest Generation." It was the story of those men and women who rallied to defeat the Axis powers after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was a book about the outrage, motivation, drive and fortitude Americans found after they were attacked. Without their drive and fortitude we may all be speaking German now.

From there, it seems our generation has become "The Weakest Generation." Our generation has a leader who cares only about himself and we may becoming an America who doesn't seemed outraged by terrorists trying to overthrow our democracy. No comment, NO COMMENT, from the White House denouncing these domestic terrorists. Instead Trump wants to know why the governor didn't call to thank him for thwarting the attack. The president tells another domestic militia group on national tv to "stand down and stand by" when asked if he'll leave the White House amicably should he lose the election.

Wake up out there. Our democracy is being challenged. Do we as a nation, as individuals, care anymore?

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