Guest commentary - United Sikhs of America statement on Singh-Allen candidacy for Elk Grove Mayor

The mixture of politics and religion and can be touchy. Although America has progressed since the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy, who, as the first and only Roman Catholic president, was questioned over where his true loyalties lay, some of these debates persist. 

Sometimes these debates are not between larger groups - think Islam and Christianity, but intra-faith. This is the situation many people of the Sikh faith find themselves in Elk Grove.

Regardless of their common ground on their religious beliefs, there seems to be an intra-faith debate among Sikh voters over the Elk Grove mayoral candidacy of one of their members, Bobbie-Singh-Allen. 

In response to a mailer distributed by the American Sikh Political Action Committee, another group has provided a previously released statement regarding Ms. Singh-Allen. This letter of support is from a group calling itself the United Sikhs of America.

The entire Sikh community regardless of political afflications is a valued and important part of Elk Grove and it is our intent to provide each side of this intra-faith debate. Below is their letter. 

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