After one-year, Elk Grove political adversaries mend fences

Mia Yang-Foster (left) and Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. | 

A community member and elected official in Elk Grove have mended fences over a political dispute that lasted for almost one year.

Last week Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh Allen posted a message on Facebook saying that a person who criticized her since last summer have had a meeting of minds. That critic of the first term mayor was Mia Yang-Foster of Elk Grove.

The roil between Singh-Allen and Yang-Foster, and several members of the Sacramento-region Hmong community started last July as Singh-Allen launched her campaign against former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. At the time, Ly, who is of Hmong descent, had been accused of politically harassing women. 

In that environment, Singh-Allen made comments in a published story that many in the Hmong community characterized as derogatory to their culture. As a result, several people in the Hmong community, including Yang-Foster, organized and spoke out against Singh-Allen, demanding an apology.

The activism included a well-attended rally last summer at the Elk Grove Unified School District, where Singh-Allen was a trustee on the school board denouncing her comments. Singh-Allen was subjected to repeated negative commentary during Elk Grove City Council meetings after defeating Ly in November.

Foster was part of a coalition that organized a recall effort this spring against Singh-Allen. During this time, Singh-Allen participated in meetings reportedly facilitated by a well-placed community figure that included Foster and other members of the Hmong community, hoping to resolve the conflict.

In early May, Foster announced that she left the effort one day after the recall group announced it would start gathering signatures. Since that time, there has been no visible signature-gathering effort.  

Response to Singh-Allen's post has been almost exclusively supportive of the resolution of the conflict. One person, Dr. Jaqueline Cheung, proprietor of a lifestyle webpage, however, continued to criticize Yang-Foster, saying that her family continues to be harassed over an opinion piece she posted last year critical of former Mayor Ly. 

"This isn't over for me," Cheung noted in her commentary of Singh-Allen's post. 

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Unknown said...

She gave her community up for selfish gains offered by the mayor. Questions is: What was offered?

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