Measure E 'informational' mailer from the City of Elk Grove - Loaded with 'could' and 'may be' but who benefits?

Yesterday Elk Grove voters received what, to be charitable, was an informational (read political) mailer from the City of Elk Grove regarding Measure E on November's ballot. While the mailer does not take advocate approval - the city can't legally do that - it goes to the edge. 

Regardless, the mailer contains information on what the money "could" be used for. For example, it says the extra $23 million foisted on Elk Grove consumers in the first year alone of the in-perpetuity tax could or may be used for things like public safety, addressing homelessness, and road maintenance. 

Except for a few sentences stating what the tax hike would impose on consumers, there was no mention of how the millions of extra dollars flowing into city hall would be expended. How the money will be used is missing, and that's by design.

It is worth noting that the one-percent tax increase could be used for "economic development; and any other general community governmental purpose." In our world, that is a gaping loophole. 

Let's translate for those who don't understand political and bureaucratic double talk coming out of Elk Grove City Hall."

For the politicians - and this is as plain and straightforward as it gets - "economic development," at a minimum, provide cash for their vanity project. At worst, it means giving multi-million dollar kickbacks to business interests, developers, and cronies in the form of so-called economic incentives. 

Skeptical - just read about Elk Grove's generous "incentive" to a developer crony for the Costco store. Tax the hell out of the small guy just to give it back to billionaires - Now That's Elk Grove!

The extra $23 million annual slush fund also means an easier job for bureaucrats. Instead of thoughtfully budgeting, negotiating skillfully with collective bargaining units, and carefully allocating our money, they can run around like a five-year-old waving a loaded gun on a playground without any modicum of safety, restraint, or fiscal responsibility. 

The unfortunate part of this scheme is Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, and her three obedient city council members seem to have recruited one of their billionaire beneficiaries of taxpayers' money to pay for a Yes on E campaign. Surprisingly, Pat Hume voted against this ripoff - kudos to him for doing at least one honorable thing before leaving office.    

Armed with a Yes on E ad campaign initially loaded with tens of thousands of dollars and no organized opposition, the Mayor, her city council members, and the city hall executives will put the screws to Elk Grove consumers.  

When Elk Grove voters receive their ballots next week and consider how to vote, ask yourself this question - who benefits? 

You may not like us, but here you are!
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