Gov. Brown vetos beer glass give-away bill, voices support for craft brewers

September 7, 2018 |  

With a mount of bills to go through before the end of the month, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed on that would have, in his estimation, put California craft brewers at a competitive disadvantage. 

The legislation, Assembly Bill 2573, would have allowed beer brewers to give away up to five 24-item cases of glassware. Recipients of the free glassware would not have been allowed to return the merchandidse for credit or sell the items.

The bills passed the Assembly with unanimous support, and the Senate with near unanimous support and on did not vote. The bill was sponsored by Assemblymember Evan Low (D - San Jose).

In vetoing bill, Brown issued a statement saying it would unduly influence retailers to sell their goods, presumably from large multi-national corporations. 

Brown also wrote "I also worry this law creates an economic disadvantage for small beer manufactures who might not be able to provide free glassware in the same manner as large manufactures."

According to information posted on the California Secretary of State's website, Low received $10,000 in donations from Anheuser Busch, a division of InBev since 2016. Elk Grove's representative in the Assembly, Jim Cooper, received $1,000 from MillerCoors.  

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