Grantline Road Gang Gives It Up For Scherman, Contributes $2,635 For Campaign

Turning thousands to Millions via SOI? Looks can be deceiving. Take Sophia Scherman’s most recent mandatory campaign financial disclosure fo...

Turning thousands to Millions via SOI?

Looks can be deceiving. Take Sophia Scherman’s most recent mandatory campaign financial disclosure forms for instance.

In the three-term Elk Grove city council member’s California 460 financial contribution forms most recent filing with the Elk Grove City Clerk, Scherman could be viewed as a real alter boy, so to speak.

For the period from January 1 through June 30, 2009, Scherman did not seemingly solicit any cash from her numerous benefactors. But don’t let the dearth of activity mislead you though.

Just look at her cash generating prowess during the last six months of 2008, when Scherman was seeking her third term. During this time Scherman raised over $37,000.

Included in this was a mere $2,635 from four contributors. Compared to Scherman’s other benefactors such as the California Builders Exchange and hotel developer Reynolds & Brown (see our story on Reynold's & Brown $6,000 donation to Scherman that helped them get millions of Elk Grove taxpayers money), this looks like chump change.

Nonetheless, Here is a list of the contributors, their addresses and their donation:

Joe/June Daehling, 10045 Grantline Rd. - $540
Dale Mahan, 9951 Grantline Rd. - $1,000
William Mosher, Grantline Rd. - $1,000
Tom Mahan, Grantline Rd. - $95

Of course the common denominator, if we are reading our maps correctly, is they all live on the side of Grantline Road outside Elk Grove city limits.

If we again are reading our maps correctly, all of these properties are also within the boundaries that Elk Grove hopes to expand its sphere of influence.

Click to enlarge proposed sphere of influence map

Obviously, if someone wanted to cash in after year of working the dirt, what better way than sell it to real estate developers. They don’t have to look to far down the road to see how well the Lent’s did in their real estate transaction.

This is something to keep in mind at the forthcoming sphere of influence summit meeting.

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Anonymous said...

We all know it's never free money. Sooner or later, you have to pay your sponsors/employers back by backing, or voting in their favor.

The citizen taxpayer gets the shaft, again and again.

Anonymous said...

These same people gave all the Council, if your reports go back as far as you did with Scherman, it would show that. I guess old news as new news with a spin.

EGN- we would like to see the Vernon Billy 460 also.

I hate special interest money- very corrupting. Maybe nobody should take while there are active projects or issues by a given party before the Council.

Anonymous said...

More sprawl bought with developer dontaions.

Why not keep paving until you hit Stockton?

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