Elk Grove City Council Continues Old Town Tattoo & Piercing Salon Request

The Elk Grove City Council continued its decision on whether or not to permit a tattoo and body piercing salon in Old Town Elk Grove during ...

The Elk Grove City Council continued its decision on whether or not to permit a tattoo and body piercing salon in Old Town Elk Grove during their Wednesday night meeting.

The Elk Grove Old Town Foundation had sought to reverse a decision by the planning commission permitting Capital Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing to locate a new branch on Elk Grove Boulevard. The foundation expressed concern that the salon would be inconsistent with the area’s special planning provisions and would attract an unsavory clientele.

Council member Jim Cooper said that societal perceptions of tattoos have changed over the years and that he had no problem with permitting the location of the salon in Old Town

“We live in a very different society,” Cooper said. “We get a lot more [police] calls from bars than we do tattoo parlors.”

Cooper also said the salon would also help draw business to the struggling area. “It is not doing the best, there are empty storefronts down there.”

Mayor Pat Hume agreed that tattoo shops are mainstream and that he welcomed the business, but was concerned with the special planning requirements.

Council member Gary Davis said while he agreed with Cooper’s assessment, he generally sides with local groups and would support the Old Town Foundation’s request.

Scherman calls salon detrimental to Old Town

Council member Sophia Scherman said the salon would be detrimental to the nature of the Old Town. “It will crash Old town,” she said.

Cooper rebutted Scherman by noting that Elk Grove is a large diverse city and that it "should move into the twenty-first century."

After a lengthy deliberation, Hume made a motion that was approved by a 4-1 vote to continue the matter until the December 9 meeting so that a development agreement and use conditions for the salon could be developed by the city planning staff. Davis voted against the motion.

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Phillip Stark said...

What? No mention of Mr. Cooper's rant about the fact Elk Grove once was a community of people who believed certain 'people' should not be allowed to live here and how those opposed to the tattoo parlor are just left over's of that type of racist thinking? Or... no mention of Mr. Cooper's rant about the failure by staff to allow such a document (SPA) be put in place to begin with and how he (Mr. Cooper) is holding staff responsible for the failure - forget about the fact he was ranting to a staff that wasn't even on board in 2005 and that Cooper was one of the Council members who approved it! How come no mention of Mr. Cooper's attempt to write conditions right there and then so the applicant wouldn't have to wait (to heck with public input or participation in the SPA amendment process)? And where is the reporters comments about the length of time the 5 council members spent trying to circumvent the SPA and change the rules to appease the property owner and applicant? Why not a sentence discussing Mr. Hume's gushing over the applicants ability to provide proper instructions on how to clean a piercing? Seems to this reader Elk Grove News is being pretty selective in how it chooses to report. No bias reporting here!

Elk Grove News said...

Mr. Stark,

Thank you for viewing.

As a regular reader, you may recall the offer I posted some time back regarding
Voices of Elk Grove.

Opinions about Elk Grove, especially those in disagreement with this site, are most welcome to submit their views for consideration.

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