Elk Grove City Council Member Hume’s ‘Stay Away’ Hearing Rescheduled

Elk Grove Council Member Pat Hume A hearing that was to take place tomorrow afternoon in Sacramento Superior Court regarding a ‘stay a...

Elk Grove Council Member
Pat Hume
A hearing that was to take place tomorrow afternoon in Sacramento Superior Court regarding a ‘stay away’ extension being sought by Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume has been rescheduled.

Hume is seeking an extension of a “stay away” order imposed against Elk Grove political activist Connie Conley. Hume and Conley had previously been in a relationship.

The original order, which was issued in July, 2007, expired last month. According to court documents, Hume is seeking a five year extension.

Court documents filed by Conley’s attorney contend the extension should not be granted as Hume has largely ignored the order. Those documents content Hume and Conley, among other things, had repeated telephone conversations with one lasting over eight hours.

The hearing date has been rescheduled to October 1.

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Josie said...

Now that's what I call a "Bully". That's good Pat, delay it right up to November 2nd, keep it fresh in everyone's mind.

OH YEA, Still waiting for that Amended Form 700 for "2009" since notification in April.

Don't forget, he also has the use of Elk Grove's non-profit "Elk Grove Economic Dev. Corp." as an endorsement for his campaign to deal with too.

Elk Grove Politics said...

Got that right Josie. So the Mayor of Folsom gave Hume a fundraiser tonight. Think he got $13K Connie's fundraiser brought in at Crush 29?

Isn't it interesting that Hume couldn't have a fundraiser in Elk Grove. I guess Lent Ranch Mall was booked, huh?

If I were Connie I would demand my money back. She gives him a fundraiser, paying with her own money, all the while she was supposed to say away from him.

By the sounds of it, Hume wanted Conley closer and closer until he was given his marching orders -- those apron strings you know to go with the pot holders-- to diss her again.

Make up your mind Hume. You were not getting enough press or community meetings and you couldn't raise a dime in three years until Connie did it for you.

So with all the scandals about your "private life," coming back to haunt you, are you going to go running back to Connie again so that you have a snowball's chance in he** to get reelected.

Someone please, run to family court and get Connie a restraining order against Hume for the sake of the citizens of Elk Grove

We can't afford four more years of Hume!!!!

Josie said...

Folsom....very interesting. Seems this could be something to do with the SOI...Sphere of Influence, a project dear to his heart and wallet. See what you think.


Malleus Codex said...

I think that the if Arden-Arcade or Rancho Cordova throws any "fundraisers" it wil be quid pro quo for our tax dollars the extravagant Elk Grove City Council (Paddy Hume) gave to those communities to fund their incorporation plans!!!!

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