With Hume, it had to happen sooner or later

Hume resorts to playing the religion card; mailers to minors? Just plain creepy Political watchers in Elk Grove knew it had to happen soone...

Hume resorts to playing the religion card; mailers to minors? Just plain creepy

Political watchers in Elk Grove knew it had to happen sooner or later - Pat Hume resorting to trickery as he attempts to retain the District 2 seat on the Elk Grove City Council.

That trickery reared its ugly face in today's mailbox in a most disturbing way to any parent.


The mailer in question is dubbed "Catholic Voter Alert."

To start, as a lifelong confirmed member of the Roman Catholic church, the use of the church to advance a personal political career is highly offensive and unethical on several levels. 

But you read and judge for yourself.

The most offensive aspect of this mailer is who it was addressed to:
Two of my children, one of which is a minor and the other who reached majority less than five months ago. 

I am not sure how Hume, along with signers to the post card including Republican political operative Dan Brennan, former planning commissioner Tim Murphy, and surprisingly, Gil Albiani got their hands on this list. Calls this afternoon to St. Joseph's, where my family has been a member for several years, have not been returned. 

Frankly, given the 'gossip' about Hume (watch this video featuring write-in candidate David Cano) over the years and the fact that he now has this mailing list of juveniles males is, to say the least, disturbing. 

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Josie said...

IMO this would be an unacceptable mailer using the Catholic Churchs name addressed to registered voters, but to "MINORS"..... That's nothing short of disgusting, sick stuff! There must be a law against this. It seems Pat Hume has slid right down that slippery slope and into the gutter. I'm also surprised that one of the three people endorsed this mailer.

It is also full of lies...."THE PLANNING DEPT. voted against this as it did not fall within the General Plan. We should all resent that these dirty tactics are being used against someone who is an honest, community minded, law abiding person. I have tried to give Pat Hume the benefit of a doubt and look at both sides, but he just kept making it harder to every day and now THIS. Your due will come, it always does when you tread down this dirty road. And Elk Grove First, you're really getting off to a good start...an embarrassment to the community! Pat, I wonder how your other fellow council members are going to feel having to share a dias with you...rather sick I would think!

Elk Grove Politics said...

Forget about which Ten Commandments these three authors have broken because it is clear that all three now subscribe to a new doctrine, The Hume Commandments.

For Pat Hume to exploit children, and to put out blatant lies, not to mention all the other commandments he has broken, clearly shows that this man will do and say anything.

But when a “man” uses children for political gain, it is an all-time low even for Pat Hume. Or maybe it isn’t given that not even his best friend was safe around him! Now he is taken to exploiting children for votes. Who does that?

Politicians sell their mailing lists; most certainly their campaign handlers do. Who else got the names and addresses of minor children?

Hume must be held accountable!!

Elk Grove Politics said...


You have every right to be outraged. Your son is a minor and no one has the right to forward his name and address to anyone, let alone to a campaign to exploit for votes without your permission.

And for the other site to now protect Hume is outrageous. I know of two other children who received the same mailing. Their parents are outraged as well and will be demanding answers from St. Joseph’s and they are also parishoners. I would bet someone got a hold of an old CCD list and forwarded it on to Hume's campaign.

But the question is: Did the parish priests know and did they give their permission?

I don't care it if was one minor child, it is wrong and Hume is responsible. His name and FPPC ID number is in the upper right hand corner. Pat Hume is to blame and no amount of KoolAid on the other site is going to change that fact.

But keep drinking folks. . .it doesn't contain truth serum, and remember what Ben Franklin said about having blind faith in your leaders. . .”

Every parent must protect their children and you have every right to be concerned Dan. Good for you for standing up to this political persecution.

Josie said...

It seems that the latest news I'm getting is that EGO is terminating Authors who posted about this "PUBLIC FLYER" mailed to CHILDREN by Pat Hume and signed by Tim Murphy, Gil Albiani & Dan Brennan. Assume that would be because of the above names being made more public and pressure by the above. This is information they authorized and sent through the US mails. Seems they can't take the heat they themselves started. The content is not at issue, even though it is all lies, it's ALL about mailing it to MINOR CHILDREN with their addresses, violating their rights by putting them at risk to the horror of their parents. Pat Hume should have his feet put to the fire for doing the unspeakable.

Unknown said...

As a Catholic I have been struggling with the Church's handling of pedophile priests.

I almost threw up when I opened my mailbox Saturday afternoon and found a political mailer addressed to my two young boys from 4 adult men. These 4 men now know my boy's names and where they live.

Pat Hume, Gil Albiani, Dan Brennan and Tim Murphy: You had better stay the hell away from my boys, as this mom is not afraid to do whatever is necessary to protect them.

All of you on the website seem to believe this is just dirty politics, but I believe there is something more sinister occurring here.

Josie said...

No, Regina I do not believe this is just dirty politics, there IS more to this. All I'm hearing so far is that "boys" are receiving this mailer. I have girls and they did not.... so far, receive this mailer. This little group has not heard the last of this I can assure you and Pat Hume, you're not getting a FREE RIDE on this one...so buckle up, you're in for the ride of your life!

Unknown said...

So what I'm hearing is that young boys are the target of this flyer, and what I failed to notice is that Pat Hume paid to have this flyer distributed. Why target boys only?

Do you think it would help to contact the police chief?

I recall a post on this website about Pat Hume attacking people who contacted the TV news, but do you think I should do that?

I'm trying to not over react to this, but 4 grown men know my boy's names and where they live. I feel like my children and my home have been violated. I can't tell you how sick this makes me feel.

Josie said...

Seems they're biting the dust in droves on EGO...obviously "Free Speech" doesn't exist on that web site. The Kool Aid gang has seized control! LOL....or is it Gestapo tactics? Maybe they can have another potluck and pray for all us sinners that would dare to have an opinion outside their favorite flavor drink....honey humee!

Elk Grove Politics said...


I heard Honey Hume's drink of choice is Scotch rocks and a cigarette chaser.

Elk Grove Politics said...

Pat Hume won’t answer on Elk Grove Online why he would allow children's names and addresses to be exploited for political gain. This is an outrage. This man refuses to take responsilbity for any of his actions of late. Typical Hume!!! Hides behind others!!

Since Hume is not a father and may think it okay, Tim Murphy, Gil Albiani, and Dan Brennan, please forward the names and addresses of your children and grandchildren to political campaigns so that they may be targeted in the next election.


Well, that's how some parents feel right now. Or can we call St. Joseph's and Good Shepherd and request them. NO YOU SAY AGAIN? Why is that? Oh, you want to protect your children and grandchildren.

Now do you understand Hume!!

Your actions are despicable and your silence is predicable of a man of your lack of moral fiber and character!!

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