Ousted Methodist Hospital Official to be Recognized by Elk Grove City Council

Tim Moran will be honored Wednesday night Tim Moran, the former head of Catholic Healthcare West' Sacramento-based Methodist Hospita...

Tim Moran will be honored Wednesday night
Tim Moran, the former head of Catholic Healthcare West' Sacramento-based Methodist Hospital will be recognized at the Wednesday, April 27 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council meeting for his involvement in the Elk Grove Economic Development Corporation (EGEDC).

Moran recently left his chief executive position at Methodist for undisclosed reasons. Various media reports have speculated the Moran's departure is related to a botched emergency effort last year that left a two year old girl with severe permanent disabilities.

Interestingly, this is the same city council that recently rebuffed efforts of council member Gary Davis to recognize local businesses and community groups that raised over $12,000 for the Elk Grove Food bank but are more than happy to recognize a high-powered six digit income health care executive who worked on an economic development council has not really garnered any big successes. This is also the same Tm Moran who also lent his name as a member of the EGEDC on Pat Hume's candidate statement.

Curious, to be sure.

See Davis' efforts to garner recognition for the "collaborative " effort at the last city council meeting.

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Sarah Johnson said...

Not only are they honoring Moran, a suspicious action at best, they are discussing giving even more of our money to the EGEDC, a complete waste of time and money, in my opinion. Name ONE THING our original $750,000 investment got us.
And if that's not enough of an affront, they are discussing hiring an Economuc Development Director for the City on top of that!
There is no well thought out, cohesive plan, just a band aid approach without a clear vision.
We already tried that once before with no success.
Someone, please explain the logic of these actions. From my perspective, what I am seeing is an embarassment and an insult to our intelligence. Are the Elk Grove residents ever going to wake up, or is this truly a lost cause??
During the last election, it was asked if Elk Grove was worth saving. If this is the best we can do, we just found our answer to that question.

Elk Grove Politics said...


Good and valid points all.

As far as the resolution, does anyone know the criteria for awarding them?

Shouldn't it be clearly stated in the Norms and Procedures Manual the council and staff spent three years preparing outlining "how we do business?"

Should we be giving them out without council consensus? At least Gary Davis asked the entire council.

And to borrow Pat Hume's cliché, aren't we going "down a slippery slope" by awarding Moran a resolution without council consensus?

Or is there preferential treatment and/or a double standard at play here?

Josie said...

A couple of questions....

Why is Tim Moran still listed as Board Chair on the web site?

What salary is Steve Czarnecki paid as Executive Director?

Didn't we have another director on salary at one time and who was that?

Josie said...

How did EGEDC get involved here?


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