Local Foundation Makes Contributions to Area Groups

Others in Elk Grove challenged to ‘give back to the community’ The Elk Grove Senior Center will receive $25,000 over the next five years....

Others in Elk Grove challenged to ‘give back to the community’
The Elk Grove Senior Center will receive $25,000 over the next five years.
A local foundation recently announced that it has made donations to several Elk Grove based groups.

Recipients of donations from the Gil Moore Family Foundation include Project Ride, The Elk Grove Adult Community Center, the Senior Center of Elk Grove and the Kohl’s Kids Back to School Shopping Spree.

“Steve Detrick and Sophia Scherman [Elk Grove city council members] were instrumental in making me aware of the needs of the Senior Center of Elk Grove,” foundation founder Gil Moore said. “After meeting Patricia Beal, the Executive Director, I was in awe of the commitment from the volunteers, and of her and her staff in ‘making a difference.’”

The Gil Moore Family Foundations which was founded in 2003, has donated to a number of charities through the years with a special focus on helping children and adults with Autism. “I have been involved with other charitable organizations for over 12 years to assist children with Autism in the Special Olympics,” Moore noted.

The donations include $800 for the shopping spree, $3,200 for the adult training center and $5,000 to the senior center and $5,000 for each of the next four years for a total of $25,000.

“It is with great honor and respect that I challenge my peers to step up and give back to the community,” Moore added.

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Sarah Johnson said...

Why do I not feel good about this? Now that he has drawn Sophia in, it will be interesting to see if she changes her position and votes in favor of his sign.

not household of three said...

Straight out of the textbook, Political Science 101: Controversial businesses must get involved in, and show commitment to the local community for which they intend to profit from. The best way is to give some token contributions to local non-profits. Walmart is the king of this tactic.

Enjoy our future freeway signs!

Anonymous said...

Detrick and Scherman were bought off by Moore and his money.

Anonymous said...

Really now! This has nothing to do with his project, now does it?

Moore states he has lived in Elk Grove for 30 years, and since his controversial project, he has become such a giver.

Sad to use charities to up one's status in the community.

Publicity stunt if I ever saw one!

Next the Elk Grove City Council will be giving him an award!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moore, how offensive! A lot of us have been giving back to community for years doing what we can, and not just with money, but with hard work! What an insult!

Caring Citizen said...

We wanted transparency? We got it! Moore's motives for his donations are "transparent." I can see right through them. My cat even sees through them.

BTW: Moore lives in Wilton, has for 30 years, not in EG as he claims.

Unknown said...

Rumor on the street is an email was sent by Moore to all five council members offering to "contribute" to their favorite charity. Yep, pretty dog gone transparent if you ask me. In my aged opinion it sounds like, smells like and looks like a bribe to get his sign. No subtle sophistication here.

Well, I guess we can count ourselves lucky that at least 3 council people didn't take the bait, and we knew Detrick would 'cause he's already taken it to the tune of at least $10,000.

I've lived in Elk Grove my entire life. Never heard of Mr. Moore and now find out he lives in Wilton. Of course he doesn't care about Elk Grove. There are people who have lived in Elk Grove for a short time and have more care for this community than any Moore has shown in his 30 years while living in Wilton.

Caring Citizen said...

We can do without rumors. Lord knows, there's already enough of that around here. Let's just stick to what we know and what is obvious.

Unknown said...

To Caring Citizen,

Not a rumor. Do a records request. Sadly, it's true.

Anonymous said...

LMBO....a Family Foundation makes some donations to our local charities and instead of a big Thank You they're thrown to the wolves along with others in our community and their families. What is this evil that lurks here in EG anyway? Whatever it is, it's time to eradicate it.

There is a peaceful and community spirited way to get things done...attend meetings and voice your opinions to the powers that be.

Now I must get that "offensive and insulting" check in the mail to my favorite charity and councilpersons. Since mine is so small they'll probably just change the oil in my car in return! :-)

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