Two More Apply For Elk Grove
City Council Vacancy

According to information posted on the Elk Grove City Clerk's web page, two more people have submitted applications to fill the District...

According to information posted on the Elk Grove City Clerk's web page, two more people have submitted applications to fill the District 4 vacancy on the Elk Grove City Council.

The two applicants seeking the appointment to fill the vacancy created when Gary Davis was elected mayor are Oscar O'con and James White. There are two years remaining on that seat's term.

White ran against Davis in 2010 for the same seat that he now seeks appointment to while O'con has not held or previously sought elected office in Elk Grove. White also drew papers for this year's mayoral race but ultimately did not enter the race.

While White is not well known in Elk Grove political circles, O'con has had a visible presence in local civic matters. Among other things O'con has been president of the Elk Grove Rotary club and Chair of the Cosumnes River College Foundation. O'con has also been instrumental in establishing the Elk Grove's sister city relationship with Concepcion de Ataco, El Salvador.

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Anonymous said...

Thankfully, a legit opponent to "shoe in" Chaires. Let's see what this council does now. O'Con has been an active member of the community for years; volunteering time and effort to many worth while causes. Let's see, what has Chairs done for this community? Nothing but be appointed to sit on the planning commission. O'Con has a solid background and will give this council pains as it decides what to do now that there is some real competition for the seat. Congratulations Oscar...let's hope you get a fair shot at the seat.

Cannonball Run said...

I can hear the Cummins diesel engine starting up now in the democratic machine. They thought they would be able to just let it idle and coast on down the home stretch.

Dickinson is at the fuel pump, nozzle in hand; Davis is cleaning the windshield and adding "hot" air in the tires; Ly is putting on a bumper sticker that says "I take back what I said about not supporting charter schools because I am owned now"; and Chaires is putting on her goggles and gloves. We got us a race now!

Charlie Marlow said...

It is a good thing Mr. O'con has applied for the position. The council has at least two well-qualified citizen who can fill - or run for the office.

Anonymous said...

According to Facebook posts, Ocon and Steve Detrick just spent a week in El Salvador together. I wonder what discussions took place?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am sure there is no stalking involved. Detrick brags about everything on Facebook, tags everyone, and makes sure that everyone knows of his every move; even making announcements at council meetings of his trips and everything other little thing he does.

One has to wonder why Detrick has to brag so much? Short man's insecurity complex maybe?

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