Cooper, Elk Grove Business Owner Engage in '100 Year War'

During Wednesday night's Elk Grove City Council Meeting, Council Member Jim Cooper engaged in a peculiar discussion with the co-owner ...

During Wednesday night's Elk Grove City Council Meeting, Council Member Jim Cooper engaged in a peculiar discussion with the co-owner of one the city's largest private sector employers.

Speaking to the council was Carla Freeman, co-owner of O. C. Communications who was urging the  appointment of a business-friendly person to the vacancy for the city's District Four seat. Freeman specifically was advocating for candidate Oscar O'con.

Freeman expressed concern over what she characterized as Elk Grove's numerous moribund businesses and noted that the neighboring cities of Roseville and Rancho Cordova have more vibrant economic environments.

Watch the video to see the subsequent exchange between Freeman and Cooper.    

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Sarah Johnson said...

Does this woman live in Elk Grove or is she just another shill for the C of C? I was at the meeting and felt her attitude toward the Council was inappropriate and disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

I thought that she presented herself beautifully! As you can see from the video...she responded appropriatey to the snide and condescedning remarks from Cooper which, by the way, he shoudn't have even made. He should have been respectful of her. She wasn't rude in anyway in her presentation and I was also at the meeting and felt like he came off looking like he could care less what business people in this town care about. Actually...with that seemed as if he really could care less about much of what went on at that meeting!

Anonymous said...

A co-CEO of a corporation located in Elk Grove employing 400 people is not a "Shill"!!!! We have private sector people whose livelihood depends on developing products, marketing those products, being competitive and staying, competitive. Too bad that our quasi-public sector, public sector, and non-profit employed Councilmembers whose paychecks don't depend on the market forces can't understand that trying to blow smoke and shine mirrors does not fool the private sector.

Anonymous said...

This woman presented well and I applaud her response to Cooper's comment about a 100 years...please what an excuse! Our mayor needed to use his gavel.

Gregory Jones said...

If bringing in a state bureaucracy is his idea of an example of EG being business friendly, we have major leadership problem.

Anonymous said...

The 1500 jobs they keep refering to were already taken. Elk Grove did not gain 1500 jobs..Does anyone understand this.

Anonymous said...

Elk Grove did not "create" the 1500 jobs they "bought" the 1500 jobs with 3.3 million of our tax dollars. They paid to move the jobs from downtown Sacramento to Elk Grove. When our leaders suggest that Dignity Health has brought new jobs here with the opening of the medical offices; no Dignity moved from one location in Elk Grove into the building...leaving vacant medical offices on Laguna Blvd. Did opening the center create new jobs- no!
Ms. Freeman knows what she is talking about.

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