Republican Assembly Hopeful Campaigns in Elk Grove Park, Discusses Platform

August 16, 2013 | With the California primaries less than one year away and the 2014 general elections about 15 months from now, Manu...

August 16, 2013 |

With the California primaries less than one year away and the 2014 general elections about 15 months from now, Manuel Martin has started his campaign to become the Republican candidate for California's District 9 Assembly seat.

The 25-year old Lodi native held a campaign event at Elk Grove's Rau Park on Wednesday evening amidst practice fields filled with youth soccer players and their parents. A political novice, Martin discussed his main issues with several voters including conversion of the assembly to a part-time body, expanding the size of the assembly to have a lower assembly member to constituent ratio and protection of Proposition 13.

The keystone of Martin's campaign is his plan to convert the assembly into a part-time body and cut members pay to $60,000. As part of this, Martin would also double the size of the assembly so that the current ratio of about 465,000 citizens would be cut in half.

"People in California are vastly underrepresented," Martin said. 

By reducing the salary and status of the assembly to part-time, Martin said the move would pay for itself and offer better representation of constituents. 

"It would be cost neutral." he added.

Martin also said if elected he would work to ensure that California's landmark property tax initiative  Proposition 13 would be left untouched.

In his campaign literature Martin also says he would defend the Second Amendment and characterizes gun control efforts as people control efforts. His literature notes that he is a fan of free market economist including Murray N. Rothbard, F.A. HayekLudwig Von Mises and his favorite, Frederic Bastiat.    

Martin is currently the only declared Republican in the race to fill the seat that will be vacated by Dr. Richard Pan (D), who is seeking election to the California Senate. Currently there are three Democratic candidates for the seat which has been occupied by Democrats the last three terms. 

The 9th includes all of Lodi, Galt, Elk Grove and portions of unincorporated Sacramento and San Joaquin counties and portions of Sacramento city. 

Although the district has been trending Democratic over the last three cycles, Martin in undeterred.

"I am truly passionate about turning the government back to the people," he said.

More information about Martin's campaign and platform are available at his website.  

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Jill said...

After visiting Mr. Martin's site I just have to say good luck. His agenda is right out of the Tea Party and Ron Paul playbook. Like I said, good luck with that in this district.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jill

My “play book” is to truly represent the people by bringing their representative closer to them. We need out politicians to listen to the people, not the lobbyists. We need to shrink the size of the district to increase representation of the people.
In Liberty
Manuel Martin

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