With Filing Deadline Looming, Will Davis, Hume be Unopposed?

August 7, 2014 | According to information posted on the Elk Grove City Clerk's page, the deadline for would-be candidates to fi...

August 7, 2014 |

According to information posted on the Elk Grove City Clerk's page, the deadline for would-be candidates to file papers to run for the city council or mayor is this Friday at 5 p.m.

In the District 4 race, there are six individuals who pulled papers, five of whom have submitted nomination papers. A sixth District 4 resident, Charles Shanks, filed intention papers last February but has not submitted nomination papers as of today.

While the District 4 race should be competitive, as of today, the same cannot be said of the race for mayor or the District 2 seat. According to information on the city clerk's webpage, no individuals have drawn papers to run against Mayor Gary Davis or District 2 Council Member Pat Hume.

Should Davis and Hume appear on November's ballot unopposed, it would not be the first time in Elk Grove's brief history that sitting council member ran unopposed. In 2012, Elk Grove city council members Jim Cooper and Steve Detrick were swept back in for additional terms when they ran unopposed. 

Davis and Hume were both first elected to the Elk Grove City Council in 2006 in highly competitive, expensive and occasionally dirty races against two very unpopular original city council members. As challengers, Davis and Hume drew hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, mostly from real estate developers and construction-related trade unions, to finance their races. Since that election cycle, the big-money needed for challengers to run a viable campaign against an incumbent has disappeared.   

So if Davis and Hume go unopposed, as Cooper and Detrick did in 2012, is this the start of a permanent city council? If so, maybe a name change to the Elk Grove City Politburo would be in order.  


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Political Rivals said...

So is Hume now going to build a war chest and run against Davis for Mayor in 2016? That would be some race if Hume wants to oust Davis once and for all.

And interesting Hume’s quote in the Elk Grove Citizen that is he appreciates all the contributions and that he will “use the money for its intended purpose.” A swipe at Detrick perhaps, putting a little distance between the two since the FPPC recently fined Detrick for personal use of campaign funds?

Anonymous said...

"Elk Grove City Politburo" might be a little extreme, but does seem to fit this city to some extent. We have formed many Councils that are appointed, not elected. We have surrounded ourselves with lobby advisors and developers who represent notions and desires other than those of the general citizenry.

In general, due to the cost of running for council we are being held hostage to the "revolving door." Can we change that...of course we can when the citizenry gets off that apathy bandwagon, goes to meetings, asks questions and becomes better informed.

Anonymous said...

Where is Jeff Owens? He seems to have the integrity we so richly deserve but have not seen in years now. Articulate, knowledgeable, and hopefully willing to step up for his city. Jeff, time is short. Please get your paperwork to the city.

Silent Dogood said...

Better question is, and I am sure we will get an answer here shortly, where is Lynn Wheat. Lot of talk two years ago and continued talk on these forums but not willing to take up the cause a 2nd time?

Gweneth said...

To Dogood:

Apathy rules. Everyone is too busy with work and families to care or get involved with city business.

The (MWE) Men With Egos have their run, until a scandal like Bell hits us in the face, or we end up bankrupt like Stockton and Vallejo due to all the fruitless feasibility studies. Maybe then someone will take notice.

Jeff Owen or Lynn Wheat would be just one vote on a council that needs three to make a difference. - Nothing would change with one of them elected. We need wholesale changes to make a difference.

- I've thrown the towel in. We are a sinking ship, sinking into the abyss that is the out of town developers wallets.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone fawn over Jeff Owen? Has he been in the trenches studying the issues, going to Council meetings to be involved, and where does he stand on the issues?

Pete said...

I'm sure the mayor and Hume will just say people are happy with the city is being run. The more likely scenario is we simply are a one party town and the party running things are the developers. If you are not in their pocket, what chance do you have?

Rachell Reinwald said...

Why are they running unopposed? Simple: money.

Any person that would seriously consider entering an election has a great deal to scrutinize: the time commitment, the immense self-sacrifice, an extreme need to be flexible, to be accessible & the overwhelming financial means to run a successful campaign.

Statistics have shown that to successfully run against an incumbent is difficult. Mayor Davis has a great deal of financial & political support from many in surrounding political circles, as does Mr Hume. I can understand & respect peoples' hesitance to expend the monies needed to do so.

Do I agree that a candidate should run unopposed? Absolutely not, it truly is a shame.

Do I think more well qualified candidates would enter these races if money were not a factor? ABSOLUTELY.

Anonymous said...

I would have like to have seen Lynn, Owen or maybe even Spease take a run on them.

Mike said...

I believe that Lynn Wheat has a chance at winning if she ran again - if only she can distance herself from a certain "blogger" who also goes by the name of "Anonymous". This person (blogger) has no other mission in life other than put down current (and past) city council members and belittle the hard work of the city staff. Nothing positive ever from this person. If you believe the bad things he writes about Elk Grove, you would pack up and leave. Why doesn't he?

lynn said...

Mike, thanks for the support. I am choosing at this time to not run. Why? Money. Fund raisers are a distraction from the issues. I have a concern, that though the financial state of the city is currently healthy the city future night not be so. They have been dipping into the reserves, continue to do so, and have passed the buck on a ballot measure to tax is to fix roads because there is not enough monies in the account. Plus, one vote on council could it make a difference. I worked very hard, forfeited monies and vacation to run for mayor. It was an experience worth it. I met so many very wonderful people in our community. My only disappointment was not being able to rally people to attend more meetings. To me, this was a bigger loss than not being elected. Chance to win? It is all about money and greed, the real issues confronting us as a city are second.

Feed up with the whole bunch of them said...

I think the fact that Davis is running unopposed is what is giving him the courage/audacity to to push forward with the MLS idea. Two days of news features with Davis, Elk Grove and MLS front and center. Pie in the sky.

And by the way, Davis, don't think it has gone unnoticed how the interviews were conducted at your coffee shop, with the Grace Roasters sign prominently displayed. A little free advertising hmmm? How'd you work that one out? Perhaps you didn't but your intern did; who in case you didn't know is suing the city.


JeffO said...

Thank you for those of you who are apparently “fawning” (see anonymous 17:49) over me. I do appreciate your kind words and encouragement to run. Maybe someday in the future I will but right now my priorities and time are dedicated to family and my work building a new non-profit promoting better school attendance.

As Lynn said (and I wish you were running again), what’s more important is being more involved, staying educated on the issues, listening to people in the know and rallying neighbors and friends to do the same. The more voices the council and Mayor hear the better chance they’ll listen.

To the candidates, I just ask that you always put the best interests of the city and its people first, don’t feel obligated to those who donated, remember that the position is non-partisan, and that it’s about your legacy and the actions you take, not about future offices or great sound bites.

Oh and by the way, cool it with the housing, focus on being attractive to businesses local and new so we can create and retain jobs, and stop wasting funds on impractical projects.

Michael Monasky said...

I nominate "Anonymous" to run against Hume and Davis.
Anonymous has the courage and imagination to execute the duties of these offices.
"Anonymous" has my full endorsement and confidence.
Vote for "Anonymous."
Thank you.
Michael Monasky

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 9:44 regarding Davis whoring his coffee business while speaking for the city of elk grove is disgusting. Mayor Davis, have you NO integrity left? How shameful of you to have the news crew interview you at your new, privately owned business...much like a whore who is selling her wares; you are selling you coffee. This is not the first time you angled to get your business some free advertisement on the backs of the citizens of Elk Grove. I feel this is wrong, immoral and clearly shows your interest is more in lining your own pockets that promoting EG. And by the way, tangling with Kevin Johnson is a no win situation...you don't have the cohonies large enough to play with his cohonies. What happened to "regional" cooperation...bad mouthing Sacramento and Johnson will get you nowhere fast. Get over it, MLS is coming to Sacto; not to Elk Grove...we have no core city center; we have no entertainment; we have no light rail; we have no jobs; why exactly would MLS come here for? The coffee?? The land? Sacramento has plenty of options for land as compared to Elk Grove's one location. Davis, time to grow up; man up and move on to the next political game where ever that might be. You have worn out your welcome here in Elk Grove.

Anonymous said...

After seeing what Hume and Detrick have had to endure from the Tin Hat Ladies, why would anyone throw their hat in the ring. Tin Hat Ladies, your wine has turned to vinegar. Please quit souring our city.

Beakie Baby said...

Citizens of Elk Grove just drive around the City, vacant apartment site and fire danger houses setting vacant - Gil Moore site fire danger homeless hotel, Waterman at Sheldon 29 2 ac. lots old abandon fire danger. Signs of water seeping under Sheldon Road between Elk Grove Florin and Waterman. Dead Mall; no ne business coming to town. What we do have is a lot of new homes. It time to get some new folks elected. It up to the voters.

Anonymous said...

Citizens of Elk Grove,

Don't Worry

Don't Fear

Nancy will soon be Here!!!!

Anonymous said...

Feed up with the whole bunch of them said...Perhaps you didn't but your intern did; who in case you didn't know is suing the city. Disgusting. 08 August, 2014 09:44

Hey, Feed Up or EGN or anyone else ,

If the Mayor's Intern is suing the city. Can you get more details on this? If this is true, the Mayor should let the Intern go.

Anonymous said...

If it's true that an intern is suing the city, then no information is available to the public as the intern would be a city employee; whether or not that are a paid employee. Any information on an employee, no matter who they work, is confidential.

Anonymous said...

to Mike, run for city council!

Don said...

The perfidious "Anonymous" ..always presenting his/her views to support that of the author's...lacking a scintilla of bravery yet filled with simpering arrogance.

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