Gil 'The Big Kahuna' Moore Holding Special Event at 'One of Its Kind' Gas Station For Elk Grove City Councilmen, Employees

Gil "The Big Kahuna" Moore will be pouring free wine
and beer for Elk Grove City Council Members and city
employees this Sunday at his new fast food joint. No word
if he will be decked out as Santa Claus or as The Big Kahuna.

December 18, 2015 |

Just in time for last minute Holiday shopping, Gil "The Big Kahuna" Moore is opening his highly anticipated "one of its kind in California" gas station and fast food joint on Monday, December 21.

To mark the event, Moore is holding a special pre-opening "Friends & Family Holiday Event" For Elk Grove City Councilmen, Planning commissioners and city employees this Sunday between 1 and 4 p.m. The public is not invited. 

Moore's email invitation reads:

My good friends, please bring the entire City Council, and Planning Commission and City Hall, as I do not have everybody's email address to our Open House for a Pre Opening tour of this long awaited project called Sheldon Centre. We will be closed, so you all will be our guests to see the latest and greatest! !

We will have wine tasting and IPA tasting. Free car washes, if we can get everything completed in time. Steve and Carmen Ramirez will be showing off their 5 star McDonald's.

Freddy Garcia will be showing off his 5 star Subway, and his Big Kahana Yogurt plus his new Juicery. Gil will be pouring wine, as that seems to be his best talent. We will be tasting international beers too.

Hope you all can make it plus your friends, family, all the missed City Council members, plus the missed Planning Commission. Sorry, I did not have everyone's email address, but please extend an invitation to all. I look forward to breaking bread and sharing some great tasting vino!
Gil Moore

Among the people on the email invitation list include Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, Councilmen Steve Detrick, Pat Hume and Darren Suen; Elk Grove Planning Commissioners George Murphey and Kevin Spease; and City of Elk Grove Planning Department employees Christopher Jordan and Darren Wilson.  

The festivities will feature Moore pouring samplings of wine and beer from his beer cave, a showing of the "5 star Subway," a tour of the "5 star McDonald's," and possibly car washes from the Gilly's Car Wash. According to the evite, guests will be served "FREE Arco Food, FREE Subway Sandwiches, FREE yogurt & juice tastings and even Wine Tasting from our new wine shop. YAHOO! We can't wait to share our excitement with YOU!"

The invitation did not include neighbors from Koto Drive, the only houses built in Elk Grove in the last 25 years coincidentally, that directly back up to a fast food joint and gas station 

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Anonymous said...

Appears he gave the Elk Grove Community the finger. Now we'll see what city leaders back him up....

Anonymous said...

Looks like he kinda left the door open since the list isn't restricted and he doesn't know one from another. So think I'll partake in some free vittles and a free car wash the 21st.

The Bob Dole said...

Memo to Gil Moore: Even if you did it only once in your email, you never, never mess with The Bob Dole! The Bob Dole is the only person who is allowed to address themselves in the Third Person!

Warren Buffett said...

Just a little more corporate background of our newest EG entrepreneur:

Looks like he is relocating his base of operations from Wilton to his new site. Our those office buildings in the background already approved?

He's got a great employee incentive package!

"Once you are an employee of Gil Moore Oil Company, we offer you a Recruitment Bonus to refer a FRIEND!! If you refer a friend you can make additional money - YAHOO!! If your referral gets hired, you will be eligible for $50.00 once your referral has been employed for 3 months. When they have been employed for 6 months, you will receive another $50.00. After 1 year of being on our team, you will receive $100.00".

And don't forget the price of admission--er, I mean the local charities he has given to:

"Gil Moore Oil Company has created a family foundation to help those in need, called Gil Moore Family Foundation. We pride ourselves in helping others and have put a HUGE emphasis this past year on children and seniors citizens, in the Elk Grove Community. Some of the places we have donated to include:

Project R.I.D.E., in Elk Grove
Elk Grove Adult Community Training
Senior Center of Elk Grove
Elk Grove Optimist Club (Kohl's Shopping Spree)"

Anonymous said...

Plural 5 star eateries! Finally, won't have to hump it to downtown or the City for fine dining!

Steve McGarrett said...

I guess it is only fitting that Gil “The Big Kahuna” would invite his council “Coconuts” to a special party not open to all the nearby residents. After all, these councilmen are now his “good friends!” And Moore has the checks to prove it!

So is there going to be an EGPD DUI check point there? Seems with all the “pouring” Moore will be doing that for the safety of others, EGPD should be right here!

Book 'em Danno!

Anonymous said...

You can be sure Detrick will have his snout in the trough

Unknown said...

I'm sure that the neighborhood appreciated the run down boarded up houses that were ridden with homeless prior to Gil Moore improving the neighborhood greatly. And odds are, nobody in the adjacent neighborhoods will be utilizing the heck out of the amenities that he is providing close to home for this community. It seams that people simply like to have reason to bitch and complain and only live to do so.

Anonymous said...

It is well known that Moore’s gas station at Howe Avenue has had a lot of trouble. Let’s see how long it takes before the crime begins at this new location.

And to the poster above, that land was originally zoned for multi-family housing. The residents on Koto Court knew that when they purchased their homes. Most certainly if they knew a gas station would be over their back fence, they wouldn’t have purchased their home. Would you?

So drink up at the Moore shindig and continue to look down on the little people because they couldn’t buy off the city council. As Moore said, “I am better than sliced bread!” And don’t forget to kiss The Big Kahuna’s ring.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Mr. Cantrell,

With all due respect, unless you have followed this matter for some length of time, you are missing the point.

Yes, the run down homes were an eyesore. Regardless, the parcel was designated as high density, read apartments, in the general plan. So it was only a matter of time before they would be torn down and replaced with apartments.

While I understand some people might not like apartments, this is what the zoning was when the people directly adjacent to Mr. Moore's project bought their houses so there was an understanding of what the future would hold in their neighborhood. The city council performed a bait and switch on those hard working families. I guess if they had lavished some "vino", ski trips and a bag full of thousands of dollars in untraceable denominations on the mentor they might have had a chance to ward off the Mr. Moore.

Furthermore, as Mayor Davis like to remind us, he is all about the process". We can actually be thankful to Mr. Moore for laying out the ugly truth behind "the process" as it exists in this city. In this case Mr. Moore and his good skiing and "vino" drinking buddy Councilmember Detrick colluded on this project. Mr. Moore gives money, at least $10,000 to Councilmember Detrick before an application is even submitted, makes an appearance at the city council with his wife and kids in tow, the city holds a special meeting for Mr. Moore's benefit and bada-bing, bada boom, Moore guts the city's billboard ordinance, buys surplus property from the city at a discounted price to erect an unattractive billboard and of course gets his rezone.

To your point about being an amenity to the neighborhood, how many more fast food joints do we need in Elk Grove, much less the United States? A very sad excuse for economic development, which is how the city council (after receiving tens of thousands of dollars from Mr. Moore) justified the gutting of the billboard ordinance and granting his rezone. I might suggest that the city council, city manager and economic development director Mr. Darrell Doan set their sights a bit higher.

By the way, I hope you enjoy your five star dining at Subway and McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

We are ALL friends to the members of the city council.
Hey, somebody must've voted them into office.
That's the characterization Gil Moore decided to use in his invitation.
So, EVERYONE is welcome to this shindig.

My bet is he shoos people off his property, discourages me from asking for that free car wash, complimentary food, and drink.
Moore is still paying this council, even after he paid it off in campaign contributions; more free stuff.
That changes on Monday, December 21, 2015, when the public will (continue to) pay.

Proud to be led said...

I welcome the economic development and applaud the Council and economic development director Doan for getting us all these job centers. You may be saying that these jobs are predominantly part time and minimum wage, but they will each qualify for Obamacare--the second best thing since sliced bread!

I recall last year that Ami Bera attended the grand opening of El Pollo Loco on Calvine I think it was. So if these projects are no good, how come all the dignitaries take time out of their busy schedules to attend. You go Big Kahuna and thanks for making our city great!

Site Details from the City of Elk Grove website said...

I found the link below on the city website because the comments on this site did not make sense.

The facts in the city staff reprot are quite different than the comments on this site

The east propery that butts up to the residents was already zoned commercial.

It looks like the west property is where the gas station sits and is where the rezone from high density to commercial. Glad that we do not have more appartments.

Billy Cantrell, You make some great points.

The project looks great and is going to be a great asset to our Montage Neighborhood off of Garrity and Sheldon as well as all the other Sheldon Road families..The temp. sign on Sheldon has Monday 12-21 as the official opening. It cannot open soon enough for us.

Lynn said...

This is the face of greed. Very ugly and very very sad how this all went down. But then I just don't understand how it all works.

Paul Harvey said...

When Gil Moore bought that property, it was originally zoned multi-family. Moore had to get a rezone BEFORE his project when forward. And before he could supposedly get his McDonald’s, Moore had to get the sign ordinance changed. And everyone knows how Moore did all of that. Lots of KALA!

After Moore bought his rezone, and city staff knew the city of Elk Grove would be losing valuable multi-family property zoned for that area, who was going to end up one losing end? Staff recommended the Winn property that is kiddy corner to the Moore property be rezoned to multi-family. That is until the developers, and residents, stood up and said, “No!” The Winn property was already zoned highway commercial and it wasn’t right to penalize that developer because of another developer, who, in the opinion of many, acted unethically!

That is the real truth and not some revisionist version of the truth as posted by Site Details!

Ice rink said...

Gil has probably been blackballed by the mainstream development lobby in the region because he was so arrogant and flaunted in the public arena how votes can be bought. The mainstream prefer to do their dealings in private, and that is why Moore is an outlier. Some people just cannot control what comes out of their mouths, but you will never see the Greeks for example, flaunting their influence over local governments in the region. The powerful know they're powerful and don't need to compare themselves to sliced bread!

Anonymous said...

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That....

Anonymous said...

Removing the high density housing doesn't eliminate it from the city. It only shifts where it's located. Look at the Curtis Park Safeway saga going on in Sacramento. They won't even allow a gas station in the neighborhood yet alone within a few feet of houses.

Connie said...

To Anon at 08:29: You bring up a very good point. The Sacramento City Council said “Yes” to the residents and “No” to powerful developer Paul Petrovich. He has quite a reputation as we found out when he was building the Rite Aid in Old Town. So it can be done!

Anonymous said...

I'd be curious to hear if anyone from the city staff or the city council showed, aside from "The Mentor" of course, to nosh on some 5 star AM/PM chow with "The Big Kahuna".

Anonymous said...

This city is a real dump if a Subway and a McDonald's are considered five star.

The Godfather said...

If I were a betting man, which I am, my guess is "The Mentor" went hat in hand to "The Big Kahuna'$" luau. The only question is who kissed whose ring?

Piper Paid said...

I bet Gary Davis didn’t go. He posted on Facebook that he was holiday baking with his children. His priorities were intact. The 49er game was also on. So who would give up a Sunday and football to pay homage to The Big Kahuna and his money?

For sure, Steve “The Mentor” Detrick went. Question is: Did Pat Hume, Darren Suen or Steve Ly attend? Depends how much they want the Moore money come their next respective election cycles. And did it ever get back to these councilmen Moore’s comments to others in the community about how much money he had to give the boys?

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