Stafford Earns Most Votes,Vice Mayor Steve Ly Fails To Secure Elk Grove Democratic Endorsement

September 13, 2016 |

In a stinging rebuke, Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Ly failed to earn the endorsement of his local Democratic Party in his mayoral bid. Ly, who is seeking to replace Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, came in the second place to Tracie Stafford for the endorsement from the Elk Grove-South County at their monthly meeting last night. 

The endorsement vote was based on a popular vote of members in attendance at the caucus. Because no candidate earned a majority, the club will not issue an endorsement in the Elk Grove Mayor's race. 

Of the 27 votes casts, Stafford earned 12, Ly had 11, and Joel Broussard snagged one. There were two for no endorsement and one who abstained. 

Before casting their votes, club members and several other Elk Grove residents crowded the meeting room at the Elk Grove Public Library to hear presentations from Broussard and Stafford. Ly, who presented at last month's club meeting was not invited to speak and did not ask to make address the audience. 

Broussard, who entered the race months before Davis dropped out of the race was the first to speak. Broussard acknowledged that he was previously a registered Republican but has since changed to Democratic.

"Get the elephant out of the room right away," he said. "At one point in my life, I was a registered Republican. I'm thankful that we allow growth, we allow change."

Among the priorities, he laid out if winning the Mayor's office is increased public safety and strengthening the City's general reserves.

Broussard said he would like to see the ratio of officers to residents increased so more patrol officers can be on the street. To pay for the additional staffing Broussard said he would consider seeking voter approval to increase local sales taxes.

Following Broussard was Stafford who entered the race in the weeks following Davis' departure. Stafford emphasized the Elk Grove City Council does not consider how their decisions affect constituents.

She pointed to three story affordable housing apartments that do not have elevators as an example. 

"If those were for sale, normal price, they would have elevators because nobody would rent them," she said. "But because it is for a group of people that have no voice, they have no elevators."

She added, "No one is thinking as they are planning about the people that are affected at the other end."

Stafford went on to say the Mayor and City Council need to support services and community amenities that serve the existing residents before they consider expansion. Some of those amenities she mentioned include enhancement of the trail system and cultural venues. 

"We need to support the people who are here," she said. "Once we have that, we won't have to be begging and incentivizing organizations to come here."   

While taking questions, Stafford said that if she is elected, she will issue statements following each vote cast so the public will understand their rationale. Stafford said this would also help Council Members be accountable for the votes they make.

Beside Ly, Broussard, and Stafford, there are four other candidates competing in the race - Jrmar Jefferson, Michael Monasky, Garrett Smith and Kevin Spease. 

Below is an audio recording of Broussard and Stafford in their entirety. 

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