Opinion - The Hypocrisy of Darren Suen

September 12, 2018 |  

Submitted by The Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club |  

Hypocrisy: pretending to be what one is not or pretending to believe what one does not.  

Councilmember Darren Suen and his Republican friend on the city council recently took to Facebook to share an attack on local Democrats. Suen was apparently upset that Democratic candidates, Mayor Steve Ly, City Council candidates Orlando Fuentes and Andres Ramos, CSD Trustee Rod Brewer, and CSD candidate Jaclyn Moreno, jointly announced that they were endorsed by Democratic Party organizations. Suen tried to get these same endorsements but failed because he refused to support key Democratic values and policies. After being rejected, Suen is now attacking his friends and local Democrats.

It is no secret why Suen is engaging in this hypocrisy now. He decided to challenge a popular incumbent Democratic mayor and erroneously believed that Democrats would support the challenge. When he realized he would not receive party support, rather than reconsider, he joined with Republican Party candidates to defeat Democrats. As a result of such behavior, he was not endorsed by the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club, the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, or other Democratic community groups like the Sacramento County Young Democrats and the Latino Democratic Club. However, it should be noted that none of these organizations engaged in any criticism of Suen, preferring to engage in positive advocacy.

At a time when our national integrity is being challenged, it is imperative that our elected officials, on all levels, engage in the highest ethical standards. Over the years, Suen has asked Democrats to support him and they have answered the call, but now, when faced with adversity, he has abandoned his colleagues and joined the Republican attack on his fellow Democrats. This type of hypocrisy is not what we need in Elk Grove and should not be rewarded at the ballot box.

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Randy Bekker said...

It’s a shame that for over a year it has been clear the politics that was being played against the citizens of Elk Grove long before Mr. Suen announcemened his intentions to run for Mayor. It has been the Local Democratic Party an Democratic Progressive clubs that forced the hands of Mr. Suen to reach across the eisle in non partisan races that the Democratic Party an their faithful followes chastised those that dare not follow all Party rules. All in the name of politics, however Mr. Suen is working for All the citizens of Elk Grove an his party preference seems not to be his priority. I see Mr. Ly an Ms. Stafford is wrestling over ever political endorsements associated with the Local Democratic Party. They seemed to have sold their political soles for a higher calling as to achieve a rung up the political ladder as they show they truly have no care for the citizens of Elk Grove. Ly an Stafford is only seeking a title as Mr. Suen is only interested in serving the citizens of Elk Grove. How shameful the Local Democratic Party is playing politics with our city in a non partisan race!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

"The company you keep." Now that Darren Suen has Republican Steve Detrick, along with other Trump Republicans, doing his bidding for him, does anyone believe Suen is really a Democrat?

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