Smart911 program being discontinued by Elk Grove Police

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The Elk Grove Police Department will be discontinuing the use of the Smart911 program on September 26, 2019. If you have a Smart911 profile and dial 9-1-1 in Elk Grove after September 26, your Smart911 Safety Profile will no longer be available to our Communications Center personnel. In an effort to serve more of our community, we decided to utilize our Emergency Alert Form that can be found on our website.
This change WILL NOT affect the use of 9-1-1 to summon emergency assistance.

If you have Smart911 profile, it will still work for the agencies that subscribe to the Smart911 service outside of Elk Grove.
If you are a parent, guardian or caretaker of someone with special needs, a developmental disability, a cognitive disability or a mental health condition and you would like us to have that vital information, we would ask you complete and submit our Emergency Alert form:
By submitting the form, when the call comes in, our dispatchers will be alerted, and our officers will receive the information about the individual on their in-car computer when they are dispatched to the call.

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