Guest Opinion - EGUSD Schools, Students Being Targeted by Cell Antennas and Towers to be Issued by The City of Elk Grove

By Diane Saetern |

Recently we learned about a business deal with the City of Elk Grove and AT&T and its affiliates to install cell antenna towers. The location placements of these proposed cell antenna tower will be at the following addresses:

8661 Power Inn Road – the exact address of Monterey Trail High School
8873 Lewis Stein Road
9050 Vicino Drive – the exact address of Laguna Creek High School
5001 Laguna Blvd.
6991 Whitelock Pkwy.

The City never notified anyone living near these addresses of this business deal and is planning to move forward with it. I reached out to 34 residents on my street, and 100-percent of those who I made contact with were not even aware of this issue either. I have submitted a petition in protest of the application 19-07727 for five antennas to the Mayor and City Council Members. We have requested a meeting with the City to discuss the City’s options and for the City to make certain changes to the permitting process in the Municipal Code.

As concerned citizens of Elk Grove, we would like to inform Elk Grovians of this matter and we hope our fellow neighbors will reach out Mayor Ly and the Elk Grove City Council in protest of this business deal which will ultimately harm every single one of us who will be around the constant pulsating modulated microwave electromagnetic radiation into our homes and schools 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will have a huge negative effects on our bodies,  our health, let alone our healthy growing children who are OUR FUTURE!

Below is a link where you can find my full interview with Mark Graham with Keep Cell Antennas Away From Our Elk Grove Homes.

I have provided evidence to Mayor Ly and the City that Elk Grove already has enough and sufficient 5G coverage. There is no need for any additional cell antennas/towers which will produce long term negative medical issues and higher risks to cancer!  The City can deny the permit based on adequate coverage and can determine what type of data it requires to prove a significant gap in coverage.

I hope you all take into consideration how detrimental this could have on OUR FAMILIES, OUR CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE should this permit be issued to AT&T and its affiliates!  Write to City Clerk Jason Lindgren at and ask the Council to grant the requests of my neighbors and myself on Modena Way.  Today in our back yard; tomorrow in yours. 

Please stop this!

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I always say "follow the money". Besides the lack of noticing and possible health impacts of 5G, it is a well-known fact that the cell phone carriers pay good money to landholders who rent out their land for cell tower use. I wonder how much moolah the school district is being paid for the kindness of their hearts on this one?

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