Book Review - Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice

By Suzanne Gougherty | 


This is a great read for this time of year or actually anytime. The writing style makes one feel as if it actually was a real interview with a real vampire; so, it is pretty easy to get immersed quickly. This is the first of her Vampire Gothic Series, so start there.   


My first read was in 1992 after going to a Halloween party as the “Bride of Dracula”, there another party-goer told me about Anne Rice. Back about 10 years ago, I decided to do a second read, and wasn’t disappointed.  It is available online, Amazon, Thrift Books, and eBay has many of the hardcover originals, but be prepared to shell out for those copies.


The story is a simple tale: Louis is bewildered mortal man who has suffered huge personal losses. During his emotional meltdown, he is approached by Lestat, and Louis soon becomes his young innocent victim.  Louis is not easily transformed by Lestat, it takes time, but sometime during the years of plague he is forced to fully convert and thus begins their prey on innocents. 

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The interview is conducted by a modern-day journalist living in San Francisco, and as the interview unfolds with Louis, the reader learns about his two hundred year life, his early beginnings with Lestat, how he met his wife, with many graphic descriptions of their lives daily events.  The interviewer takes a deep dive into how they lived and the different places in the world they explored over the centuries.   It’s a tale of passion, love, death and how they sustained their lifestyle.  The ending is unexpected, and the book is captivating.


Here is a short excerpt from Interview with the Vampire 


Interviewer: We’ve talked about your human life, so I suppose that my next question will be obvious.  How did you become a vampire? 


Louis: After my wife left me, I went through a hard time.  I didn’t care much about anything, especially life.  Lestat, my vampire daddy found that apathy appealing and decided I would make a great immortal, so he changed me. 


This book is adult content it’s not a teenage “goth” novel.  While it is a dark story, well isnt that what you would expect coming from the title... and Anne Rice knows how to tell a Vampire story.

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