Elk Grove News Minute - Judicial blades cut both ways

Emboldened by recent SCOTUS decisions, the week President Biden fired Andrew Saul, Trump’s appointee heading the Social Security Administration.

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Connie said...
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Connie said...

SCOTUS is at the very top of the governmental food chain. The justices’ rulings affect all of us. But what about our local officials and their votes that affect our daily lives?

What bothers me about our local elected officials is that don’t seem to understand that their actions affect the “little people” they were elected to serve and who voted them into office. Every single one of them ran on public safety as one of their top priorities. Really now? I beg to differ!

Case in point: The Elk Grove City Council voted to reduce the speed in the rural area on Sheldon Road to 40 mph. The rural area is the oldest sector of Elk Grove along with Old Town and East Elk Grove. Rural Elk Grove and East Elk Grove have always been in District 2.

Since the reduction in the speed limit, residents in rural Elk Grove have had to endure speeders on Sheldon Road, residents getting “nudged” off the road, flipped off, cussed out, tailgated and worse because we drive the speed limit trying to get home safely and follow the law set forth by the Elk Grove City Council.

Myself, along with many of my neighbors, including one who bought a speed gun to monitor speeders, have sent emails and reports to city officials. Additionally, we have sent many emails to our D2 representative, Patrick A. Hume, to do something to ensure our public safety. To date, Pat Hume has not responded to any of us.

Pat Hume is now a candidate for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. Ask yourself this: If Pat Hume cannot bother respond to the very people who asked him to move into D2 and run for Elk Grove City Council regarding our safety and concerns about the constant speeding, what makes him worthy of higher office?

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