Singh-Allen projected winner in Elk Grove Mayoral race

After the release of the first three votes tallies, Bobbie Singh-Allen is the projected winner for Elk Grove mayoral race. This will be Singh-Allen's second two-year term. 

The last vote tallies released at 12:15 this morning showed Singh-Allen maintaining a 63 to 36 percent advantage over Brian Pastor. Singh-Allen has 10,399 to Pastor's 6,016 votes.

Although the vote count is not complete, Singh-Allen will maintain a substantial 25 percent-plus lead, and for Pastor to take the lead, the vote percentages would have to reverse for both, a statistically unlikely occurrence. 

Aside from one mailer on fundraising and some signs placed around the city, Pastor conducted a low-profile campaign. Pastor also ran against former Mayor Steve Ly and Singh-Allen in 2020, coming in third place.  

Sacramento County Elections and Voter Registration have not released how many votes have been counted as of 12:15 this morning. According to Political Data Inc., as of Monday night, 38,616 Elk Grove ballots had been returned.  

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Atticus Finch said...

Elk Grovians must really be happy with the direction the city is going and how it is being managed. Re-electing BSA for another term and "promoting" Hume and Nguyen to higher office is basically a stamp of approval by voters. Even worse, the passage of Measure E is a tacit nod towards telling the City they can spend, spend, spend. Are voters that naive to believe that traffic congestion will decrease, crime and homelessness will be drastically reduced, and the city will be sparkling clean?

Renegade said...

Well said, Atticus.

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